Two Utawarerumono Games Headed West in 2017
January 18, 2017

You pronounce the name "Uta-wa-re-ru-mono," the helpful email told me. And the reason the helpful email told me that is simple: Atlus was announcing that it will bring two Utawarerumono games to North America and Europe in 2017. Apparently, it will be helpful if we can get the name right when discussing them in polite conversation.

For those who don't know (a group that until recently included myself), Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth are visual novels that also happen to feature SRPG-style combat. It's a marriage of two game styles that some people really don't care for at all. If you're one of those people who does, though, you could be in for a real treat.

Here's a full list of game features (focused on the first of the two releases), shamelessly cribbed from the same email that told me how to pronounce the name of the games:

  • An Unforgettable Story - Mask of Deception offers a story-rich visual novel experience (40-50+ hours long) that lets players shape the future of a fully realized world filled with fantastical lore and history! Mask of Deception sets up the story for a thrilling conclusion in Mask of Truth, and we'll reveal more information about the final game at a later date.

  • An Active SRPG Battle System - Players will need to defend Haku and his friends by engaging in intense SRPG combat with the various hostiles that populate the world. The battle system is a thrilling mix of turn-based tactics and Attack Chain mechanics. Players can remain active during combat by successfully completing timing-based charging rings to execute critical attacks or vital dodges/blocks.

  • Fully Fleshed Out Combat - Unique combat features such as the rewind function, elemental affinities/weaknesses, unique character skills, and more add a layer of depth to fights. It'll take true tactical acumen to emerge victorious in battle!

  • Breathtaking Art - With a stunning art style and beautifully rendered cutscenes, the game is a feast for the eyes for Japanese visual novel and anime aficionados!

  • Beautiful Songs and a Thrilling Score - The rousing music, recorded and remastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios and EastWest Studios, is a perfect soundtrack to accompany a great adventure.

According to the press release, the games are headed to both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita platforms, in both physical and digital form. That's true in North America, at any rate. In Europe, the Vita editions will be digital-only. The first game is coming out this spring, and the sequel is due later in the year. Both will apparently feature English text and Japanese audio.

Your next question is probably how much they will cost, and we know that also. Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and its sequel, Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth will each retail for $49.99 on PlayStation 4 and $39.99 on PlayStation Vita in North America, with comparable pricing in effect throughout Europe.

There. I made it all the way through this post without making a joke about what a novel idea it is to localize these particular titles. I think I owe myself a cookie or something.

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