August 10, 2008

So, I decided to give Braid a shot since I've been hearing a bit about it.

Right away, the game interested me. The title screen is playable. You can walk off to the right and into the level hub without ever really leaving the menu (though text scrolls away).

The game itself, once it begins, is platforming/puzzle action. The hero reminds me of the character from "I Wanna Be the Guy" and controls similarly. The art style here is a lot more detailed, though, with lush locations and a beautiful score to match.

One thing I like about the game is the elements it borrows from Super Mario Bros., including a creature that tells you that the princess is in another castle, a pipe with a piranha plant that tries to eat you, as well as a flag pole you shimmy down at the end of stages.

This is more than just a clone of that game, though--much more, even--and the similarities don't extend much beyond the above areas. The game is more its own sort of thing, with some interesting puzzle action going on throughout and a 'rewind' feature similar to Prince of Persia.

In the first area, I collected puzzle pieces from several chambers that invovled basic puzzle solving. Elsewhere, I noticed that the pieces I had assembled could be pieced together in jigsaw puzzle form. Then that coudl be rotated. Interestingly, the platform depicted in the image could then be hopped to from an area above, and crossing the gap actually requires moving the puzzle as a whole so that you can use its contents to jump to safety.

I've only played through the trial--which can be downloaded for free, of course--but I wouldn't mind playing more. If I had money to spare, I'd probably go for the whole version of the game just to keep playing, since I definitely was having fun. Consider this post a recommendation to spend $0.00 and download the trial edition of Braid.

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bluberry bluberry - August 10, 2008 (12:01 PM)
haha, I forgot you played IWBTG.

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