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November 11, 2007

This feature was fairly difficult to implement and probably won't matter to most of you, but it's part of my long-term plans for the blogs and now it seems to be done.

Anyway, you now have your own forum associated with your blog. The reasoning behind this feature is that some people want to build a little community on the Internet, but don't necessarily feel like going through the trouble of making a whole site. For those people, I'm trying to make a lot of good features available through the HonestGamers blogs.

One thing a lot of people like is a forum, so now one exists for each blog. These can be moderated by HonestGamers staff (if you don't block us), but mostly I figure you can do the moderation yourself. When it comes to your blog-specific forum, you will find that you have moderation privileges and can delete posts and threads, edit them, lock and unlock threads... everything staff can do on the regular forums. Also, people you have blocked from your blog won't be able to post on your forums.

Though I can't find any bugs right now for the new forums, it's possible that some slipped through. It was a fairly intensive undertaking and I'll be truly surprised if there aren't a few minor glitches. It seems to be working overall, though. Please feel free to use your new forum and let me know if anything doesn't work as anticipated.

Now I can get to work on other tweaks I have planned. Will those come to light tomorrow or will it be weeks or months before you see something new? I just don't know...

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Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - November 11, 2007 (07:45 AM)
Sounds very interesting. I'll be sure to try mine out.

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