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November 10, 2007

I spent most of today tweaking the blogs rather substantially, though most probably didn't notice. Here's a list of what was done:

1) You can now choose to make your background fixed if you don't want it to scroll.

2) You can now make the background of the main window semi-transparent, though this will affect any images and other content displaying there. Still, it looks cool (I think).

3) Now you can add friend codes, gamertags and PSN IDs to your profile if you want.

4) Changes you make to your blog's appearance will now appear on the confirmation page, meaning it's easier to click 'Back' and correct any horrible mistakes you might make. It should also be less confusing for some users, as well.

5) Blogs now keep track of the number of visitors coming to your page (excluding you).

6) Right column features have been added, including the ability to list your favorite sites again, plus the ability to display a truncated list of all your friends (making it easier to browse their blogs even if they haven't posted recently). You can also display the number of hits your blog has received. Perhaps most importantly, you can also choose to display recent reviews, guides, cheats, fan fiction, screenshots, videos and high score accomplishments for the world to see, if you want. All of these features can be toggled on and off from your 'Settings' page.

7) The "Friends" and "Search" pages have been reworked, so that the former now actually displays up to 30 posts from friends (out of the last 300 posts made to the blogs) and the latter should include more complete results than some reported it did in the past.

8) Search results pages, as well as individual blogs pages, now include archive links so you can browse through older submissions with ease. In the case of individual pages, that feature was never actually completed even on the old blogs, so this should please some people now who were wondering how to easily access their earlier posts.

These posts bring the new blog design a lot closer to what I had in mind when I initiated the changes. I hope you all enjoy the enhancements.

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pup pup - November 10, 2007 (06:13 PM)
Awesome. I can't wait to play around with this.
Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - November 10, 2007 (06:22 PM)
Suskie Suskie - November 10, 2007 (06:49 PM)
I love it. I LOVE IT.
joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - November 10, 2007 (11:28 PM)
This is perfection.
EmP EmP - November 11, 2007 (04:40 AM)
I... have no complaints. This is new.

I'll work harder to find something, though! Good update.

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