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honestgamer It's not all an elaborate ruse, some misguided attempt to establish for myself an online persona of dubious quality. I really am dull. If you don't find that unbearable, though, this is my blog that examines just how truly boring I can be.

Title: O.K. Computer is very good...
Posted: June 08, 2010 (03:27 AM)
I can imagine myself listening to it again a few times, at least. I look forward to it, even.

Yes, I picked it up at work this evening. There was only one copy left and I didn't want to be stuck ordering it later if I wanted to give it a listen. I've now purchased both studio albums that the store where I work carries. They have three copies of a "Greatest Hits" CD, but I've always been the sort that prefers to avoid those in favor of the more comprehensive full-album experience. Some of my favorite songs from bands I like never make it to radio and "Greatest Hits" collections, after all...
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Title: In Rainbows, Picross 3D and the Team Tournament
Posted: June 04, 2010 (11:23 AM)
Well, I finally broke down and decided to try giving Radiohead a listen. The album that I chose was "In Rainbows" because it's their newest--and therefore represents the band's current sound and not some ideal that fans fell in love with but which is no longer true--and because I respect the experiment that they tried with its release.

I'm only just now to the point where "All I Need" is beginning to play, and there's nothing on the CD thus far that immediately grabbed me and got me bobbing my head along, but at the same time, it sounds a lot less like "just noise" to me than so many albums from bands that are recommended to me but then end up disappointing me because they're too creative to make good music. I'm saying, in other words, that so far I find Radiohead quite good despite what for me is an unconventional sound.

In other news, I think I'll go play some more Picross 3D now. I'm getting near to a review, the thoughts are formulating in my head and playing the game helps me to collect them. It won't be a flashy review (it's for a puzzle game, after all) but I hope that I'll wind up with something effective that makes for a good read if you're interested at all in stellar puzzle games for the DS. Some people aren't, but in this case I'd say you really should be. Picross 3D is terrific.

In still other news, you may not have noticed yet that EmP made a Team Tournament topic on the forums. Please look it over and maybe get involved. The Team Tournament has been a yearly tradition, as so many of you recall, and it's a fun one that gives each week of the summer a special bit of meaning on this site. I look forward to the renewed interest in reviewing and the personal growth as a reviewer that always seem to go hand in hand with the tournament.

Breaking news update: Now I've finished listening to the album. I like the second half more than the first. Not my favorite album ever or anything, but a suitable change of pace and something that I'll likely listen through again.
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Title: Congrats to Lewis!
Posted: June 02, 2010 (05:24 PM)
Lewis has a brand new gig. He's not saying what, only that it's at a "brilliant" site and such, which leads me to guess Eurogamer or Rock, Scissors, Shotgun. In any event, it'll do well enough for him that he's hanging up his hat over at Resolution. He'll still be freelancing, so maybe someday that'll even mean more work here. I do hope to be able to pay freelancers in the future, after all. You can find his full post here:


Congratulations, Lewis! It was long overdue. Now, to get back to my own work plotting the expansion of HonestGamers so that we can stop losing great writers to the competition. I'm thankful for the fantastic team of writers that we already have, but I die a little bit on the inside every time some other site gets a great writer while the amazing folks that contribute here at HonestGamers continue having to do it just for the love.

I don't say it enough guys, so here it is again: thank you for all that you do! And to the rest of you users who make it such a pleasure to visit this site every day, thanks to you too! I hope to be able to make some exciting improvements around here in the coming year and I hope that you'll stick around to see them and to be a part of them.
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Title: I'm in an uncharacteristically good mood.
Posted: June 02, 2010 (02:37 PM)
I wouldn't describe myself as a grumpy person or anything, but today I definitely feel that I'm in a better mood than usual and I can't really explain it. I didn't get as much sleep as usual (my wife woke me up early this morning for reasons unknown), but that doesn't seem to have caused the issues that it normally would. The skies outside are overcast and walking outside means walking into a miserable wall of wind-driven moisture, but that hasn't bothered me, either.

Today's routine was nothing especially out of the ordinary. I did a little bit of coding that I think will please a select few members on the site and make for a stronger reviewing environment--important, since as I've noted before my goal in 2010 is to step up the reviewing side of things on the site--and I posted a typical number of press releases and some screenshots. I've hooked some freelancers up with games that they'll be able to review in the coming weeks and soon I'll be playing more Picross 3D, which I have been really enjoying these past few weeks. I ate at Taco Bell and got their $2 meal special with a chicken burrito, some Doritos and a medium Pepsi that for once tasted like a real Pepsi. It's a good day but there hasn't been anything particularly special about it... so why am I in a good mood?

Could be that today is my Friday, I suppose, but even that normally doesn't make me so cheerful. I guess there's no point in asking myself why I feel so delighted with life today. I guess I'll just enjoy it and hope it lasts.
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Title: Chuck renewed, Monster Hunter Tri demolished.
Posted: May 17, 2010 (02:39 PM)
Well, after more than 120 hours spent with the game, I've beaten Monster Hunter Tri and my guide has been submitted. It'll likely appear soon on a competitor's site and I'm very pleased about that, even as I start work on other guides. Hopefully, I'll produce a Monster Hunter Tri review soon for this site.

In other news (and I have to say that this has me really excited), NBC announced its Fall lineup and "Chuck" was renewed for a fourth season. Or at least part of one. I heard that NBC has ordered 13 episodes--just over a half a season--with an option at a "back nine" episodes for a standard 22-episode season. I hope the numbers continue to justify any risks that NBC has to take with the show, because the show itself is awesome and I savor each new episode. I'd like to see the show at least make it to syndication, a distinction it richly deserves. Do me, yourself and good television programming a favor and catch up on the show from beginning to current episodes, then join me in watching season 4 this Fall.
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Title: A twisted paradise
Posted: May 10, 2010 (11:29 PM)
You have won a trip to paradise, but there is a catch: there's no Internet and you have to bring along three video games. You will be forced to play one or all of those games--the choice is yours--for eight hours of every day of the rest of your life. If you refuse, you will be shot and all of the beautiful women (and/or men), the spectacularly delicious sub sandwiches... it all goes away. What three games do you bring? Why aren't you playing one of those three games right now? Have you reviewed each of those three games yet on this site?
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Title: Impressions of a Just Cause 2 onlooker
Posted: May 07, 2010 (12:18 PM)
I haven't had time to play Just Cause 2 yet and it's possible that I never will, but my brother-in-law bought a copy for Xbox 360 and sometimes I watch him play it while I'm getting other things done (like meaningless blog posts). Here is one such blog post.

Chemical Heist

So, my brother-in-law was asked to find three sample vials and to deliver them to a set location before they could get cold. He ran around, gathering samples and blasting a bunch of goons to do it. Then he took off in a helicopter in the rooftop after killing a fleeing scientist who had been attempting to get away with the final of the three samples. He took to the sky and soon a meter appeared to show that the sample temperature was heating up. As he drw near to his location--about a kilometer away--he saw that he was going to have to leave the helicopter and skydive to make it in time. So he did... and as he was about to land on the ground near the sample dropoff location, he instead landed on the hood of a vehicle that was driving away from the drop site. It took him a second to realize that he hadn't landed on the ground as intended, to roll of the hood and to come back to his feet. Then he had to start running toward the drop site. He made it just in time, with the narrowest sliver of time to spare. It was tense.

There are nice cars in Just Cause 2

There are nice cars in Just Cause 2. A Lamborghini knockoff is especially nice. My brother-in-law stole one and was driving it along the highway. As he cruised around a corner, he hit a small bump and careened off the road. He'd been caught in death traps before, so he bailed to make sure he'd be fine, then looked back at the car. It appeared to be fine, so he paused to pan the camera over it and to demonstrate to me what a sweet ride it was.

A guy in a Humvee knockoff pulled up, jumped out of his vehicle and ran over to the car, then jumped in and started to take off with it. Disgusted, my brother-in-law ran after him, shouting "He's one of my guys!" and grabbed him by the arm, then yanked him out of the car and jumped into the driver seat himself.

The soldier ran back to his Humvee and started driving away as a pursuing police cruiser zoomed into view, lights flashing. The soldier was wanted by the law (grand theft auto, perhaps) and was fleeing. The police cruiser slammed against my brother-in-law's car on the way past. The police in this game drive like morons. They really do.

Just Cause 2 looks like a pretty sweet game. It's definitely 'open world' done right.
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Title: Registration business
Posted: April 24, 2010 (02:09 AM)
So I was busy registering a domain tonight. videocritics.net to be precise. There's nothing there worth seeing just yet, but maybe someday there will be with your help. Just thought I'd let you all know that the idea of the video site hasn't stalled. It's just progressing very slowly. I'll be sure to update you when more interesting things happen with it, assuming that they ever do. That won't be for at least a few weeks, though, most likely. Business with other things ensues.
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Title: Other recent album purchases...
Posted: April 22, 2010 (12:35 AM)
Besides "Animal" by Ke$ha, I have also purchased:

Everybody (Ingrid Michaelson)
New Maps of Hell (Bad Religion)
When the World Comes Down (The All-American Rejects)
Red Album (Weezer)
Hellbilly Deluxe 2 (Rob Zombie)

I like music and birthday money gave me the chance to expand my collection, unlike last year where I spent birthday money on bills. I was dtermined not to do that this year.

Anyway, it makes sense to add to my collection while I still can somewhat conveniently. There are more albums that I'd like to purchase and hopefully will soon...
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Title: Ke$ha rocks, hatas!
Posted: April 20, 2010 (12:45 AM)
The album "Animal" by Ke$ha may be depressingly poppy and hooky and melodic and all of those things that around here invite scorn, but I can't help it... I love it. Oh yes, I went there.
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