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hex Blasphemy

Title: True Crime review is DONE
Posted: March 01, 2006 (05:39 PM)
But I hate it.

I finally settled on a tweak last night, and I read it during my lunch hour and found that I hate it. Too much about it I'd have much rather left alone; the introduction (which I completely re-wrote in my tweaking) I feel is worse than the original, I cut way too much parts out that described the graphics, and I hardly got into the mechanics of the gameplay, aside from a few bits like 'the car has unrealistic physics' and such.

That said, I'm expecting to bomb the February review contest, but I suppose that's a part of growing as a writer. I knew there'd be bumps, but damn if I didn't know I'd hate them this much =P

On another note, I sat down and wrote a Super Mario 64 DS review in just under and hour and I'm kinda happy with it (definitely more so than with my TC one). Kinda funny how that works out, I work for weeks on a True Crime review only to end up screwing it up and then sit down for an hour and compose a competent work that I'm fairly happy with >_>. Oh well.

tristis_iranicaUser: tristis_iranica
Posted: March 01, 2006 (06:06 PM)
I can relate to what you feel. Back in August or September, there was a shmup contest. I spent a month writing an epic Radiant Silvergun review... and it turned out to be anything but. Sometimes, taking a great span to write something can lead you astray.

HalonUser: Halon
Posted: March 01, 2006 (07:07 PM)
If you're serious about reviewing and want to take your writing to the next level I suggest reading reviews written by the best writers (Zigfried, Leroux, Dark Fact, Fix, and Janus to name a few). Asking for critiques around here and entering contests will also help.

EmPUser: EmP
Posted: March 02, 2006 (09:56 AM)
Sporty hates me bacuse I bashed CC. ;_;

The thing about writing is that the best (and only) way to improve is to write more. I rarley write reviews that I'm happy with because I'm always reaching to do better then I am doing. Another great way to improve is to surround yourself with great writers. This site not only has great writers, but LH, too!

Being unhappy with your work is actually a good thing. It means you strive to do better. I strongly suggest you submit the True Crime review here and select a staff critique on it. I'll grab it if I can and give you an honest apprasial of it.

More often then not when we are unhappy with our stuff, it's because we're being over-critical of out own stuff. Unless the person in question is Boo. He's just lazy.

*Helpfull post counteracted by upcoming news article pointlessly bashing the Revolution*

hexUser: hex
Posted: March 02, 2006 (11:39 AM)
Thanks EmP, I did submit it, but this one really is pretty bad >_>. I'll definitely take all criticisms received and get right to tweaking it so that the shape it's in when posted on HG doesn't have to remain as such.

I'm pretty sure part of the reason as to why I hate it is because it's so different to me; I'm so used to writing extremely informative reviews that when I tweaked this one from my regular formula I'm sure I cut out the wrong parts >_>. I know of several areas already that need improvement (I cut too much graphics descriptions; rather than painting the image as I moved along the review I ended up just shoving a tiny detail about the streets in the last paragraph, which is terrible).

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