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hex Blasphemy

Title: Long time no review
Posted: March 30, 2006 (01:52 AM)
After a month of no review writing, I forced it upon myself to spit one out. The review I did I didn't take seriously; I was even at a point where I was wondering whether or not I should even submit it. However, it was a drastic change in formula; I basically just typed my thoughts down as they came to mind, no matter how incoherent (except for at the end where I tried to squeeze some stuff in). The result is a mess.


I refuse to even bother trying to submit it here in its current state, but I'd like to know if the way it plays out is terrible or mediocre, as I doubt it's good. This is mostly for experimentation so I can take more risks in a future, serious review where I'm actually giving a damn. That said, the reason why I haven't been active here is simply because I haven't been as writing-heavy as normal. I'm still not in a writing mood, really. But I have abrupt mood changes, so we'll see.
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Title: And I have a project due friday... >_<
Posted: March 06, 2006 (12:56 PM)
Turns out that while I placed last in usurper's contest (what I had been expecting), I still got a decent score; 70. I can't say I agree with it, but it's all good. Thanks for the quick results, usurper; I'd have touched this up and submitted it to Zig's contest if I weren't still waiting for a critique from whoever here has locked it. Next time, I'm definitely in.

I sent off a speed run of THPS3 for PS2 not too long ago to SDA (speeddemosarchive.com), and it's gotten a verifier, which means in due time I'll find out if it's accepted or rejected. It was a pretty mediocre run; about half way through I made some nasty stupid decisions while trying to switch things up, but the run I sent still ended up my fastest attempt, so whatever. If it's accepted and someone beats it, I'll be back at it, because I know exactly what goals to replace with what others. I'm sure I can secure sub-10 minutes when I look at how everything would play out. That said, I'm on to my THAS story mode run. Hurrah and all that.

I think I'll also be submitting my SM64DS review here with a critique request, see how well that one goes too. For the next while I'll likely be requesting critiques with every submission until I think I've learned enough to tackle making a great review on my own. I've also been reading a lot of the 'professional' HG reviews as of late, and I really must say that Zig has talent. I loved his Drakengard 2 review. I want to get my hands on that game now, and for the most part I hate hack-and-slash'ers. That's kinda scary ;>_>

Actually, to tell the truth, after I read Drakengard 2 I've only been reading Zig's reviews as of late. When I get through them good and well enough I'll move on >_>. That's crazy talent. I did squeeze a read of the new Guitar Hero review in by midwinter, though. Makes me want to read more of his stuff, too.

To sum up: I have a THAS speed run to do, touching up of True Crime, reviews from the greats to read and I'm enjoying each one of those. How I'll get enough sleep for school this week is beyond me.
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Title: True Crime review is DONE
Posted: March 01, 2006 (05:39 PM)
But I hate it.

I finally settled on a tweak last night, and I read it during my lunch hour and found that I hate it. Too much about it I'd have much rather left alone; the introduction (which I completely re-wrote in my tweaking) I feel is worse than the original, I cut way too much parts out that described the graphics, and I hardly got into the mechanics of the gameplay, aside from a few bits like 'the car has unrealistic physics' and such.

That said, I'm expecting to bomb the February review contest, but I suppose that's a part of growing as a writer. I knew there'd be bumps, but damn if I didn't know I'd hate them this much =P

On another note, I sat down and wrote a Super Mario 64 DS review in just under and hour and I'm kinda happy with it (definitely more so than with my TC one). Kinda funny how that works out, I work for weeks on a True Crime review only to end up screwing it up and then sit down for an hour and compose a competent work that I'm fairly happy with >_>. Oh well.
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Title: I died
Posted: February 28, 2006 (09:40 PM)
I figure I'll start taking this site more seriously. The more I visit it the more I tend to grow attached to it. And there's this nifty blog thing, too.

On the forefront, we have usurper's February contest, and my review I'm planning on submitting (which has since changed from Doom 3 to True Crime: Streets of LA) is a wreck. Or rather, it isn't really in a wreck; it's done and it's up to standard with my other reviews. But that's the problem. My other reviews are boring.

Injecting personality and flavour into a review is more difficult than I'd imagined. I finished writing it a week and a bit ago, and have been reading it over every few days, tweaking it, but always scrapping the tweaks because they, well... make the review seem bad. I think what I'm going to do is just tweak it a few times more and settle on one of the tweaks, because for all I know I could be doing a great job. I myself am fond of extremely informative reviews; kinda boring, but I still read through them and come out being happy I did so. So I still need to adjust to the fact that extensive details don't (always) make for a good review >_>

Nonetheless, I can't say I'm hating the process. It's fun to grow as a reviewer, and to simply write. After I submit it I'll immediately ask for critiques so to see how I could improve it. I do this rather than doing it prior to the contest because... err... I'm honestly not sure. It just feels better. Like I want to do that, and don't care if it's logical or not >_>. I'm weird like that.

Nonetheless, once I find out if I'm on the right track or not (that'd be in a couple days - March is just around the corner), I'll immediately catch up on all the reviews I've been leaving lingering; Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (more for myself than the people, as there's already a bazillion reviews posted for it), Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 for PS2 (see above), Manhunt, Electroplankton and then a couple more. Yay.
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Title: Well, I finally broke down and joined the site
Posted: January 23, 2006 (07:33 PM)
After some holding off, I came to the conclusion that I ought to give it a shot. First user review submitted, don't know if it'll make it through. Going through that whole bit about testing the waters, y'know? Seeing how things are. Checking things out. Posting in this blog. We'll see how things go.
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