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hex Blasphemy

Title: Long time no review
Posted: March 30, 2006 (01:52 AM)
After a month of no review writing, I forced it upon myself to spit one out. The review I did I didn't take seriously; I was even at a point where I was wondering whether or not I should even submit it. However, it was a drastic change in formula; I basically just typed my thoughts down as they came to mind, no matter how incoherent (except for at the end where I tried to squeeze some stuff in). The result is a mess.


I refuse to even bother trying to submit it here in its current state, but I'd like to know if the way it plays out is terrible or mediocre, as I doubt it's good. This is mostly for experimentation so I can take more risks in a future, serious review where I'm actually giving a damn. That said, the reason why I haven't been active here is simply because I haven't been as writing-heavy as normal. I'm still not in a writing mood, really. But I have abrupt mood changes, so we'll see.
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Type: Review
Game: True Crime: Streets of LA (Xbox)
Posted: March 02, 2006 (11:32 AM)
Imagine a kung-fu flick that has car chases, shoot outs and stars a cop looking to uncover the mystery of his lost father with gangster rap overtones. Now, imagine you could actually take control of this wacko combination and play it. True Crime is this interactive kung-fu flick, and it’s as entertaining as it is strange. Which is definitely a good thing.
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Type: Review
Game: Contra: Shattered Soldier (PlayStation 2)
Posted: February 02, 2006 (03:25 PM)
In a generation where 2D games belong to Gameboys, DSs and PSPs, it’s always nice and refreshing to see a 2D game on a home console. After making an attempt at 3D gaming (and failing horribly), Contra returns to form in Shattered Soldier. Taking notes from Contra on the NES, Super C and other 2D Contra games, Shattered Soldier also hits the nail on the head, with a wide array of weapons and controller throwing difficulty. Ladies and gentlemen, our bad boy is back.
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Type: Review
Game: Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)
Posted: January 23, 2006 (07:28 PM)
You’re in the back seat of a car with an animal at the wheel, steering through unforgiving rain traveling down an unknown road. You’re moving from your old life - no more large city, no more long job times, no more long distances between destinations, no more humans. That’s ‘bleh’, not appealing, not interesting. No, you’d rather live in the relaxed town of… where? You decide. You name where you want to go. Spiral? Sizzler? Gootown? Doesn’t matter. That’s where you’re going, where this unknown r...
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