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Registered HG users are permitted and encouraged to post on the site forums. Below, some common questions. Click the hyperlinked question to skip directly to the answer on this page, or scroll down and read as you go.

How do I locate game-specific forums?
Can I use HTML on the forums?
What content is prohibited?
How do I change my sig?
How do I change my forum avatar?

How do I locate game-specific forums?

In the interests of fostering discussion among fans of a variety of titles, game-specific forums have been removed in favor of forums dedicated to the most popular gaming systems. You can find those forums linked from the main forum index. If you would like to discuss specific games, game profile pages also have a single discussion thread that you can use by way of the Disqus commenting system (accounts are free, and you may already have one if you've posted on other sites).

Can I use HTML on the forums?

At present, limited HTML use is permitted on the forums. They have been specifically coded to disable especially disruptive or insecure scripts, iframes and file embeds. Below is a list of the wide range of HTML tags that you may currently use.

<i>TEXT</i> = Italicize text
<b>TEXT</b> = Bold text
<u>TEXT</u> = Underline text
<s>TEXT</s> = Strike through text
<marquee>TEXT</marquee> = Scroll text horizontally
<center>TEXT</center> = Center text horizontally
<abbr>TEXT</abbr> = Assign pop-up descriptions to text

<hr> = Horizontal line

<ul> = Start unnumbered list
<li>TEXT</li> = List item
</ul> = End unnumbered list

<font>text</font> = Font color and size modifications

<a href="URL">TEXT</a> = Use text to link
<a href="URL"><img src="IMAGE_URL"></a> = Use image to link

<img src="IMAGE_URL"> = Display image

If you are using one of the above tags and it does not display properly, please keep in mind that modifications may be to blame. Check to ensure that your HTML appears as indicated above. Please remember also that an HTML tag's availability does not justify abuse. Moderators will remove messages that prevent other users from enjoying the forums and your account may be penalized.

What content is prohibited?

In general, we ask that you avoid any content that:

  • Advocates illegal activity.
  • Displays or links to material that in general would be considered inappropriate for minors.
  • Harasses or threatens other users on the basis of race, sexual orientation, religion or any other distinguishing features protected by law.
  • Works around the site's design to serve material to users, particularly content that may prove damaging to their computers or software.
  • Consists mostly or entirely of spam, including posts with frequent links to merchants and alternative forums and services in an attempt to improve SEO.
Additional content may also be prohibited. You are asked to please exercise common sense. If you post content that violates the above guidelines or the spirit in which they were intended, you may find various actions taken on your account (up to and including termination of said account).

How do I change my sig?

You can modify your sig if you click the "Settings" link at the top of each standard page on the site while you are logged into your account. Once you make the changes and submit, your new sig will automatically accompany any of your posts that are active on the forum.

How do I change my forum avatar?

You can change the little picture that accompanies your posts on the forum (called the avatar) by clicking on it when viewing one of your posts, or by clicking the same picture where it appears on your "Settings" page. Doing so will bring up a page where you can choose an avatar from the listings. At present, there are hundreds to choose from. Just look through the listings and when you find one that you like, click on it. Immediately, that avatar will become your new avatar and will accompany all of your forum posts under the active user account.

We hope that the information on this page was helpful and answered your questions. If it did not, or if you'd like to explore the site or "Help" section further, please use one of the links below to proceed accordingly.

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