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User Help > HG Chatter

Registered HG users are given free access to an HG Chatter account. Below, some common questions. Click the hyperlinked question to skip directly to the answer on this page, or scroll down and read as you go.

How does posting work?
Are HTML tags allowed in my posts?
What content is prohibited?

If you have a question that is not addressed on the page below, you should feel free to contact site staff or post about it on the forums or even in your HG Chatter stream. The last two options are preferred, since other users may be able to point you to an answer more quickly in some cases.

How does posting work?

When you are signed into your account and you view your Chatter page, you'll see a text box near the upper left side of the page where you can enter messages up to 150 characters in length. Those can be posted and they will appear on various Chatter pages. They will display in unfiltered results, as well as on your profile page (which people see if they click your username throughout the standard site). Those who have added you as friends will also see your posts, and people can favorite any post they like for later viewing.

Are HTML tags allowed in my posts?

HTML is deactivated in posts, to avoid disruption and to prevent security exploits. Links will automatically appear as hyperlinks (make sure that you include a space after a link before including a period or other punctuation, as the link may otherwise not properly display) and you can also link to other accounts by including an '@' in front of that person's referenced username. Hashtags can also be used: #example.

What content is prohibited?

For the most part, we believe that your stream is your property and that you should be able to use it to express your wonderful self. However, we cannot tolerate content that:

  • Advocates illegal activity.
  • Harasses or threatens other users on the basis of race, sexual orientation, religion or any other distinguishing features protected by law.
  • Works around the site's design to serve material to users, particularly content that may prove damaging to their computers or software.

Additional content may also be prohibited. You are asked to please exercise common sense. If you post content that violates the above guidelines or the spirit in which they were intended, you may find various actions taken on your account (up to and including termination of said account).

We hope that the information on this page was helpful and answered your questions. If it did not, or if you'd like to explore the site or "Help" section further, please use one of the links below to proceed accordingly.

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