Google's Laughable, Apple's Foreboding...
March 26, 2019

I groaned pretty hard when I saw what Google had in mind for their solution to gaming. As expected there's a lot of marketing hype, but have we so quickly forgotten the Google Fiber debacle? I'm in Canada, and I'll make no bones about it, but we just got fiber internet in our neighbourhood. Y'better believe I pounced on that - it's twice as fast as our cable connection. Lower latency, besides.

Point is I don't have much admiration nor anticipation for the success of streaming only gaming. I know you agree, Jason - it's too soon, and that may be forever too soon. Networks just aren't reliable enough for server side services (say that three times fast) and they're only improving where there's money for upgrades. Apple, on the other hand, has waited for the ball to drop and I'd actually say they have a better chance of sustaining such a service.

But that's only because they're not betting on the streaming horse. Just try to imagine a race like that, huh? Boy would that be messy. Apple's gaming subscription service is founded on client side hardware... because they're a hardware company first. That's where Google gets it wrong. They're a service company first, and it's ironic that they're demonstrating such a stunning lack of understanding with regards to how people use computers.

Except that Google+ just got plugged - or unplugged, depending how you see it. Nintendo has the right idea, too, and I expect Sony and Microsoft not to back off, and I'd even say they'll have sighed a great gasp of relief at the announcement of Stadia. So what if their hardware is superior? Even the lower-end experience of the Switch is guaranteed to work. Japan has tried and failed on several occasions to deliver online only in their own country with middling success.

Well, I'm backing the hardware-in-hand horse, as always.

In other sectors, recovery goes as it goes... slowly. I've played two more Bomberman titles, and written the reviews, so those are forthcoming. Sliver of Light is still being released chapter by chapter on Medium - Chapter 6 up now - to some positive response, so that's good. Nothing I can bank on for the time being, but as I've mentioned, it's a hobby. A successful one. I won't deny that I have hopes, of course.

I wonder how old you have to be before you can experience nostalgia, or is there an effective time requirement? #randomthought

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