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February 24, 2019

So basically this flu got the better of me and I've been bedridden for far too long. The good news is I'm on antibiotics now and even though they're kicking the crap out of me - as expected - I'm already beginning to feel clearer. That's why I haven't posted any reviews in the last two weeks. My energy level has been too low to even play games.

Yeah, so not good.

On the plus side I've been learning RPGMaker MV - now don't give me that look. The beautiful thing about it is that the engine allows a coding twit like me the chance to tell a story in a very different way than I'm used to. Fortunately I've enough talent as an artist that I can produce my own enemy graphics, so I'm doing that. The rest is going to be tweaked and/or original artwork to distinguish this game from the myriad of others.

I'm quite conscious of the engine's reputation, so I'm taking steps to combat that perception. Also I'm taking advantage of the many plugins available to imbue my title with modern features like framerate compensation and control, autosaves, a unique battle system, and of course a cast of original characters. The fine art of creating a good looking character with RPGMaker's stitch-together generator is an art unto itself, but I've more than adequate sensibilities to establish a solid level of production quality.

Let's put it like this: I'm not embarrassed about the engine, but I will do my best to put forth its best qualities. You fellas can appreciate making the best of a less than ideal situation, I'm sure. The less than ideal is myself and my inability to cope with coding logic. However, Kodokawa's engine does grant me access to a very powerful set of tools, and I'm very much enjoying using them.

The ability to realize character interactions in such a short time frame - and with as little energy as I've had in the last few weeks - is gratifying. Of course this means I'm wrestling with my own experience with JRPGs and influences. I've already caught myself mirroring moments in my gaming history, and I can name the influences that are contributing to my presentation and story choices.

It almost makes me want to have you all along for the ride during the process, but as a creator I know it's better not to have voices rattling off their own expectations. As with any creative process, this is for me first, and for players second. Odd thing to say, perhaps, but if I'm not enjoying the story, then what's the point?

As I've discussed my writing a bit here and there, I will post about my process whenever it feels pertinent. I like the idea that there can be some interesting discussions had on this topic... being that it is particularly topical. I'm realizing something that I've wanted to since high school and I'm getting to learn from it all as well. I can't think of a downside.

One more thing... whether this will be a commercial release is up in the air at the moment, since the soundtrack is sourced from a source that is public domain but doesn't have the express permission of its owners. Given the nature of the music, there's no chance that I'd be able to obtain all of the permission I'd need, either. So there could be a major shift if I decide the game needs a new soundtrack.

I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Yes, I could actually write the music myself - I've made such an attempt in the past, but again it all comes down to time. This RPG needs to fit into a full time working and living schedule, along with the other projects I've got going. That's why I don't particularly mind leaning on premade assets.

I'd be willing to commission a musician to compose the soundtrack, but that's a decision I'm going to leave until a little further down the trail. I haven't even finished the "tutorial quest" and inciting incident event. I'm still in the process of building up the database of enemies, characters, equipment, skills, magic, etc... you get the idea.

Okay, to wrap this up, I'll drop a teaser: In a post-magic-war world, a young man sets out to investigate the nature of invading monsters that can appear anywhere while he gets to know a persecuted young mage. He is joined by a happy go lucky archer and a retired mage hunter in their pursuit of the truth behind Bruiser Ltd's manipulation of Crysolen and the threat it poses to their world.

So, yeah!

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CptRetroBlue CptRetroBlue - February 25, 2019 (01:37 AM)
Hope you feel better soon and luck on your gaming endeavors.
Masters Masters - February 25, 2019 (09:39 AM)
This sounds exciting, dude. As with any big creative project, taking the first steps as you have, is already a victory, because so many of us have 'dreams,' that we don't even BEGIN to making manifest. Kudos, and good luck! And feel better.
hastypixels hastypixels - February 25, 2019 (02:49 PM)
Thanks guys. Just gonna take it one day at a time. :) Right now each day is really uncomfortable, so I'll just keep trying to dissociate from how I feel... another reason to love RPGs...

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