So, um, Ninja Pizza Girl isn't great...
November 29, 2018

I'll just have to suck it up, and I really don't want to skewer this game quite before it has a chance to enjoy it, but the fact is that I got it for a 90% discount, and that's not good news for this game. So, I'll write around the specifics while talking about the conundrum a bit.

So that's how you spell that. Thanks, Chrome! 9_9

Anyway, is there anything worse than reviewing a game that has the most sincere of intentions but lackluster execution? If I were to grade this project, I'd say it earned a solid A+ in High School Computer Science. Isn't it amazing what kids can do these days?

The thing is that these socially positive games almost never get the time, money and expert guidance they need to shine. When was the last time you saw a superhero in a wheelchair? Oh it happens, but boy is it a hard sell. Sly Cooper has an ally confined to one such vehicle, and he's loved by the fans but not much else.

I'm digressing a little, but disabled heroes are tough to pitch unless their disability takes the form of a sweet lookin' prosthesis along the lines of Yang Xiaolong or Edward Elrich. So help me I had to look up Yang's last name; she's just that much of a minority. RWBY is an example of smart, sensitive writing and it does not ever pull its punches, and in no way can Full Metal Alchemist's top ranking body horror ever be accused of dancing around the brutal facts of war, both physical and psychological.

PTSD hasn't been fashionable for very long - because we know it has to be in order for us to be comfortable talking about it in mainstream media culture, but I'm glad to have been an anime fan for at least one reason: It doesn't shy away from the affects of abuse, either. Fetishizing abuse is another issue entirely, but.. that's really digressing, so I'll stop there.

It's all of a piece in my mind. No, not a slice, but Ninja Pizza Girl is trying to bravely deal with the fact of bullying. Taking a swing at it may sound like a pun, but it's the truth. How well they do that ... I've already got a pretty good sense, but I'll be plunking some more time into it while I'm down with the flu.

Yeah. That's a thing. Horking up my lungs. Weee.

How to I extract myself from that? Oh, I know! NaNoWriMo! Yes, it will be officially over in less than a day, depending on your timezone. How did I fare? I didn't "win", but the fact is my goal was never 50,000 words. That's how much you have to write in during November if you want that badge and... really, the ethic that such an accomplishment can fortify. It sounds like a lot but works out to 2k a day. People do it, some even twice as much.

Not me, boy howdy.

I have just crossed the 25,000 mark, so I expect to be using my spare time in December to finish Sliver of Light, which is what I anticipated anyway. The community has been uncommonly pleasant, affable, polite and ... shall I say, quirky. No less quirky than us, in point of fact.

Seeing as how we're also writers, that fits, don't it?

If anything I've gained a perspective about where I'm at in the move toward professionalism. I have no illusions about making a career of writing, but I'm determined now more than ever to have this book in print. Even with the ease of access of eBooks, there's no finer tribute to ones vision and creativity than the cracked spine and worn down edges of a well loved book.

So I shall persevere! Yay. That means I've got at least another 25k to go.. yeah, I know I said 50k wasn't the goal, but each chapter runs 5k and the last part of the book has ten of them. You do the math! I'm too tired...

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joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - November 30, 2018 (10:14 AM)
Dude, Professor X!
honestgamer honestgamer - November 30, 2018 (06:26 PM)
When I was in my early 20s, I would write fiction almost daily and I kept track of how much I was writing as a sort of goal. Most of that work never went anywhere, but I felt good about completing so many words per day. My record was 27,000 words of fiction in a single day.

That was back when I was writing super regularly and writing fiction came as easy as it ever has for me. It was a huge milestone. Then I barely wrote anything at all for years. You can burn yourself out, which is what NaNoWriMo could do to someone if they're not careful. Write at a pace that feels natural. Beyond maybe when you first start writing for the day--if that comes hard--don't force writing. Try for a modest 500 words per day and then keep going only if you're feeling it. That's what I think I will do once I'm able to commit to taking fiction writing seriously again.
hastypixels hastypixels - December 04, 2018 (10:44 AM)
Thanks Jason. It turns out my daily average is about 700 words, which seems fine. I'm near the end of the book and it's emotionally heavy with a few unexpected events, such as character deaths. I mean, there's a war on - what did I expect? So I find it much slower going than writing reviews, though the balance of that is taken up by the preparation needed in advance.

I've seen a fair amount of burnout in the NaNo community, and anyone who's clocked over 50k is either younger or writing for a living. Of course bronchitis is slowing me right down, so there have been a few days I haven't written anything, or played anything other than Stardew Valley. What a balm that game is!

And uh, Joseph, maybe I'm a little thick but ... huh?

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