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October 30, 2018

I've been bothered by the idea of leaving HG out in the cold where my writing routine is concerned. The accomplishments have not been earthshattering, but it has been good for my capacity as a writer. So, I'm going to tool out some Switch reviews of the games I've enjoyed in the last six months.

Now, that's not going to be a lot, since paring back how much I play comes into effect, but... ah well, that's okay. I guess I'll just start where I start and finish where I finish.

Nice to see the front page changes finally came into effect. Heh.

What have I been up to? Well, even if you're not asking, it feels necessary for me to say something. I've been working. The rumours are true. Amazon sucks. They really suck. Those low prices hurt everyone. Playing by the rules just so they can burn out kids by skimping the system is a lousy business practice.

Tumbleberry and I have updated our ACME Resource Pack for Minecraft to support the latest version - 1.13 - and all of its watery assets. That took two months to accomplish. Crazy. And then they go ahead and add Pandas. Seriously. Yes Mojang, add the most overdone cute and charming creature in the entire animal kingdom.

Where's the pangolin love? (I'm not kidding. They're awesome.)

Then I published a book: Soft Hearts, Hard Memories. It's darn good, but a tough subject... so I set it to name your price. Then after committing myself to posting a short story every week on, I started working on Sliver of Light again.

If that all sounds untenable, the short stories are already written, unreleased works. Sliver of Light happens when I have time for it, and I'm comfortable as long as I can crank out a thousand words every couple of days. So I figured I'd announce it on NaNoWriMo for whatever that's worth. I know some of us around here are closet novelists, so look me up if you're into NaNo at all.

I've had some other stuff going on, but then throw in a job search because being a woodworker's assistant doesn't pay well - when there's not enough work for my unskilled hands. Feh. Ah well...

One step at a time!

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Follow_Freeman Follow_Freeman - November 09, 2018 (11:22 AM)
If it's any consolation, I'm a big fan of your reviews, which tend to cover exactly the type of games I'm interested in: PC indies, FPSes, strategy, so on. And now it looks as if I will get a good idea of some titles to keep an eye on for Switch. Put your health first, of course, but take some pride in the fact that your writings have encouraged me and others to pick up and try lots of great games that otherwise would have went under the radar!
hastypixels hastypixels - November 09, 2018 (11:47 PM)
Well that brightens up my day! Really! While NaNoWriMo is going really well (I'm at 10K words out of 50K, so that's nice), and Sliver of Light wonderful to write... a problem with the powerlines in my place have me bereft of desktop, which is a bummer. Fortunately I write on my laptop almost exclusively, so... that's probably why we see so many writers using them. They just make sense.

I'm guessing you read my Half-Life 2 Retrospective then? I'm not even disappointed that there won't be a third, honestly, since the creative talent that made it possible isn't there to helm it. We follow people more than we do their creations.

One more "I" before I bow out here... I came back because I have this way of covering games that people are interested but aren't covered by anyone else. Yes we're awash in games these days, but my selections aren't exactly niche or obscure. They're just for a different crowd, I suppose.

So, thank you!

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