The 2DS is nicer than I thought it would be...
October 10, 2017

Having just plowed through [redacted] I'm eager to get on with other [redacted] titles. I must admit it's different playing in that sort of mindset. Somehow you have to decide if you're enjoying it as much as [redacted]. It's not as easy as I thought, though I did play Virginia with that approach mind, and felt comfortable reviewing it. So... nothin' to worry about there.

So yeah, I bought a 2DS, and though it's flat the shoulder buttons feel like they might survive longer than the ones on my ol' 3DS. I guess I need to start looking for a wide boy or something, because screenshots? Um, yeah, I don't even. I might, but... hrm. I haven't even lined up what I'm reviewing next, yet.

Though I did [redacted], so that's something.

I haven't got a timeline on getting a Switch, yet, but I would love to swing one before end of year. Christmas, yo. I'm glad you've cornered the market on Switch reviews, Jason, it keeps you busy, but I would like to branch out. Nintendo's waters are interesting to swim in right now. Picking up my 2DS again reminded me what it was like not to have to mess with all those settings. I almost forgot what that was like.

Is PC gaming any cheaper than owning a console? Good gravy no! If you like to monkey with settings and mods, then it's great, but sometimes it's amazing games run at all. Let's see... I've got a few things on the burner, and writing isn't one of them. Next I get to figure out how to play Aliens 3. I've really got to stop putting that off. :/

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