Goodby, AMD.
September 26, 2017

Enough is enough. At some point you've got to face facts and AMD messed things up. I've stood by them for a long time, but the FX line was such a bungled product that Intel has managed such a performance gap they might not be able to overcome it.

Ryzen will be competitive, I'm not denying that. Unfortunately, Intel has the manufacturing capability to casually eclipse AMD whenever they catch up. I am still rooting for AMD, and there may be occasions that building a system entirely built on their hardware may make sense. This is true because Intel still charges a freakin' premium for the low end chips, which is arrogant and typical of the company. AMD has a loyal base for a reason.

They're cheap as chips.

However, here's their disadvantage in a nutshell: When a processor approaching six years old can provide a superior experience and better meet my needs than any of AMD's FX chips, something's got to give. Looking ahead I can't short sheet myself waiting around for a processor to do work while I wait to do work.

That's just unacceptable. When I was asking about processor cores, I was asking about performance. I probably should have asked, "what meets your needs?" Intel's premium comes with a promise, just as Apple's does: You'll have the IPC to get work done.

It's why the Intel kiddies ramble on about it. AMD's been stock still for half a decade, and that's just absurd. Even the Ryzen chips are going to need an overhaul much sooner than later because of Intel's control over fabrication. For cripes sake, Coffee Lake chips (what a dumb name, really) are being made with a 14nm process. AMD had to innovate hard core to reach their last performance gains.

AMD is incredibly resilient, but I do tend toward pragmatism. I just won't be buying their products. So, what processors do you entrust with your livelihood? For my money, it's an i5 2400. For now.

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honestgamer honestgamer - September 26, 2017 (11:14 PM)
My computer is running an Intel Core i7-4790K CPU at 4.00GHz, with 16GB of RAM installed. So far, it has been meeting my needs.
hastypixels hastypixels - April 08, 2018 (06:05 PM)
The i7 is just a class of performance, isn't it? I upgraded my lil' i5 to an i7 2600 and that's still competitive 7 years after its introduction. It's coupled with 32GB of RAM for that almost-never-uses-ramdisk feeling. (Thanks, Windows...) Paired with a GeForce GT 1030, I'm hard pressed to want an upgrade anytime soon. It's a power sipping beast.

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