Do you have a PC backup?
September 08, 2017

Fact is I wasn't ready for my main desktop to hand me a shovel, but it did anyway. Instead of burying it, I yanked out its damaged part and sent an RMA request to its manufacturer. Fortunately, some recent scavenging enabled me to build a reasonably serviceable replacement PC. It's not got the high end grunt my ol' six core did, but it's actually a fair sight more responsive.

Darn you, Intel. I've been an AMD boy for decades. I don't think this is enough to change me, but it's a stunning look at how comfortable the "other side" has had it for the last oh... decade. Ryzen's just a little out of my reach, and with supply levels dropping across the board, it's harder to build a cheap PC than ever.

Dag-freakin-nabbit, Wilson, what's a geek to do?

One thing this experience has ingrained upon me is how essential backups are. Not just data backups, but complete machines that will at least enable me to do the work I need to do while MSI repairs the board I sent them. That's right, they're repairing it locally, and then sending it back to me. In a week or two.

If it hadn't been for my laptop, I'd have been bereft of a machine. Ultimately, we do what we have to, but that's the question... are we ready when things implode? It's question that a lot of folks have been confronted with in the last couple of weeks.

Hey Harvey, Irma, Jose. How ya doin'? Yeah? Great! I'll just stand over here. Don't mind me.

I mean, life doesn't stop. Even in Final Fantasy IX Zidane and Garnet aren't caught in the catastrophic destruction of Lindblum. They see it from a distance, horrified though they be. As players we guide them through the wreckage and see how the NPCs are coping. So that's my message: Have a coping mechanism.

That's my plan.

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honestgamer honestgamer - September 08, 2017 (02:07 PM)
I make sure my most important files are saved in multiple places, but honestly, it's pretty easy to move from one machine to the next. If my desktop were to implode tomorrow, it would be inconvenient but it wouldn't be devastating because I've lost little chunks of myself to computers in the past and now I take precautions to avoid it on a larger scale.
hastypixels hastypixels - September 09, 2017 (01:45 PM)
That's the thing about writing, isn't it? Almost anything will do, as long as you have the review hardware on hand. Being a PC gamer means my needs are a little more nebulous, but the principle is the same. Don't get caught without essential hardware!

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