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December 07, 2016

So, I've noticed that goal setting has helped me focus my time, and prepare me for the reviews I intend to write. I've actually made good progress in my replay of HL2: Episode Two - which really is enjoyable, thanks to hard work and well placed tension. Whilst poking around the HG blogs, I noticed this "games" thing.

Rather to the point, I filled out as many of the games I could from my collection (I have over 500 Steam games, which is frankly, absurd). According to the listings on HG, I can review just about anything and it'll be new to this site. That is awesome. It also helps me choose what games to focus on when I do sit down to play ... being in the mood to have a critical mindset, 'cause we know that's not always possible.

Love the fact that the games I've reviewed are marked with an "[R]". Very useful. So, is anyone else making use of this?

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jerec jerec - December 07, 2016 (11:35 AM)
I do from time to time, but I remember giving up because a lot of PC games weren't on there, and they wouldn't get added unless I was prepared to review it. I've really been trying to find a good way to catalog my games. GameFAQs is way too clunky to add a huge amount of games (I like the list we have here, that I can just scroll through by console and tick boxes).

I don't really keep it updated. I should... but I guess I'm also looking for something to catalog my DVD/Bluray collection, as well as my books.
hastypixels hastypixels - December 07, 2016 (03:24 PM)
It would be slick if we could add our databases from each service, such as Steam, Origin, Uplay ... that would be ideal.
jerec jerec - December 07, 2016 (09:48 PM)
Yeah, I have enough trouble managing my Steam and GoG libraries, and trying hard not to double up.
honestgamer honestgamer - December 07, 2016 (11:16 PM)
Unfortunately, it's no longer practical to list every PC game that releases, because there are simply too many coming out. This year alone, I read, more than 4,000 new titles were added to Steam, and that works out to hundreds each week.

Since keeping up is no longer even remotely possible, I made the call a couple of years or so back to only list those PC games for which we have--or will soon have--editorial content available. Even with that rule in place, the listings are growing at a pretty good clip. But that's the sort of growth I'm happy to see, since it means we're doing a good job of providing useful coverage.

I wouldn't mind going through my Steam collection at some point and reviewing and adding more games. I currently have 674 games in my Steam library, and only a few of those can be listed here until someone reviews them.

There are all sorts of features I might figure out how to code and could perhaps add to the site, but I'm trying to keep the interface fairly simple and focus on content rather than unnecessary bells and whistles. Interfacing with APIs from Valve and GOG and such is probably more than my own skills and resources can manage, unfortunately, plus one thing I've noticed about external code like that is that its developers tend to break things every few months or so.
hastypixels hastypixels - December 07, 2016 (11:42 PM)
Hm ... must agree with you, HG. Let us do the work of having the content so that the orders are filled at request. Remember how McDonald's used to just keep burgers on the shelf and then toss them after a time limit? Those were the days they also had great fries, but I digress.

Logistically it's the only way to go. There's enough work involved just playing the games so we can write the reviews. I try to avoid the mentality of making my hobby too much work, even though I know gaming is hard work. I just like to enjoy it, so I keep the attitude around.

It occurred to me, while filling out the list, that it could become a problem for requests, too. That is, if we were to do those, which we don't. I'd actually prefer not to advertise my Steam inventory to broadly, anyway.

On a barely related note, I have some spare Steam keys I'd be willing to make available for contests and the like. They include COD III, Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth, Democracy 3, Satellite Reign and Remember Me. Or if anyone is legit interested in playing those ones, just lemme know.

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