Farming Done Good
November 06, 2016

A little impromptu rap-ish poem-ish sorta-ish. Stardew Valley is the Harvest Moon I could never get into. Because I don't relate to the presentation? Because I'm actually sick and tired of anime in general? Probably.

What a gem of a game, but until my Humble Monthly subscription provided me a copy, I hadn't given it more than a second glance. If for $12 a month I get one good title, I'm okay with that. Two is a score, and the occasional exclusive is nice too.

I haven't been so relaxed playing a game since Windwaker's absurd sailing transportation system. That stupid, stupid boat, and the fast sailing in the Wii U version. Blasted shards. Anyway, Stardew surprised me in the most pleasant way, several times. I'm going to review it, because it deserves another hand up in the air with a thumbs up.

Just hit the second season - ahem, summer - and I'm courting Leah, because Robin's not single. She's cute, okay? Is that okay with you? Actually, don't care, it's okay with me. I could strike out, but I'll play again, so whatever.

I don't mind the iron man style tutorial system. No, really. I got one of those nimono-whatever rewards of 30 seeds just to have them all die the day the season changed. I wasn't even irritated. That is a-freakin-mazing. Well done, I mean it.

Stardew Valley is a special game, and I'm going to shut up because I could turn this into a review right now. It wouldn't do the game justice.

Is there a game you're playing now for the genuine, unfettered enjoyment of it?

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