It's great that Skyborn is as good as I hoped for ...
October 22, 2016

5 hours. Yeah, so October is a rough go for me and sleep can be elusive. Thankfully there's a lovely little bundle of Dancing Dragon RPGs on sale on Steam until the 24th. That's great because I love bundles and it includes a game that's been clogging up my wishlist for two years.

Oh sometimes I really like to like them simmer.

It's $12 (CDN) for four, read me, competent RPGs. I'm ready to review Skyborn, almost. As it stands my thoughts are; it's too aware of itself and the things it dislikes; it was very rushed; it's too blasted short, and Claret's a-freakin'-dorable.

She's attractive in that healthy woman sort of way and I really like that. She's got dignity and self respect; a little bit of attitude in a time she had to have it. Her brother's not a louse, but he is a bit of meathead and he makes some serious decisions for her.

Her frustration and choice are wholly relateable. I'm hitting pause there, lest I launch into the review proper. If you want an old school style RPG with great art and entertaining story, this would make a wonderful addition to your library.

Need I say it runs on everything that Steam does with stupid low system requirements? 'Cause I just did. Enjoy.

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