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Description: "You've gained quite a reputation as a Zoo Director. Now, the National Zoological Association has recommended that you be put in charge of the nation's first National Zoo. This zoo will need to put the world's rarest and most amazing animals on display if it is to live up to expectations!"

Biome: Grassland
Map Size: Medium
Start Cash: $200,000
Difficulty: Extremely Difficult
Bonus: Unlimited Cash (Freeform)

You've come all this way, and now you're ready for the final challenge in the Campaign mode. Can you handle it? Probably, and if not, you have this guide to help you through the tough spots. Just follow the directions below and you'll be through it in no time!

1. Build a dolphin exhibit.

Okay, remember when you built the dolphin exhibit? Well, you'll need to do that again now. Of course, this means building up a 5-star zoo, which by now you should know how to do without step-by-step directions. Just keep the usual stuff in mind: make sure you have nice walkways (fortunately, the game starts you out with some) and that you have plenty of concession areas. Get to work right away on building nice, optimized exhibits and boosting their ranks up quickly so that your zoo builds stars. Research animals at the earliest opportunity, along with building structures. Animals you'll want to research the maximum allowed. Also research your employee skills up to the third stage, and buildings should be researched up through that level as well.

When you get your exhibit going, you'll be able to do it with just one dolphin and the marine trainer. Don't worry about building a grandstand or putting on an actual show, as that's not required and will waste precious resources you don't likely have.

2. Build exhibits for two kinds of star animals.

This is a good time to make sure that you have around eight 4x4 exhibits along the bottom of the area, with concession stands on either side. Eight is the magical number. You don't want to save time by emptying out used exhibits, since that could prevent your growing zoo from really building steam. By this point, you should most likely have five of the eight already occupied (counting the dolphin exhibit). Make sure you have eight formed and put animals in them that go well with their environments. Put a trainer in each one and optimize them so that visitors will like what they see when they come to your zoo. As possible, try to have a male and female in each one. Anything more is overkill and wasted money. As for the star animals, just stick in two penguins in one display and two koala bears in the other. Remember to mix male and female and to optimize. This part's easy.

3. Build exhibits for two kinds of amazing animals.

For this step, you'll want to add two more cages, this time 5x5 grids. You have to buy two specific animals that are quite pricy: the saber tooth tiger ($40,000) and the Triceritops ($60,000). Buy just one of each. Note that the Triceritops can't be held by anything but the electrified fence. Don't waste your time on a cage that won't hold it. You'll just be told you can't place the animal. The saber tooth tiger seems a lot easier to place, though I recommend the stone wall with windows.

4. Make additions to your zoo and boost the zoo attendance up to 1,000.

This can be difficult to do, but you should keep in mind that you can advertise to increase attendance, at a rate of $10,000 per three-month ad. First make sure all of your cages are optimized and that you have a male and female in each except the really expensive 'amazing' animals, and that you have restaurants and such. Then advertise as necessary to increase attendance to the desired amount. You'll lose if you don't get the number of visitors to 1000 by around the middle of 2007. Otherwise, you win the final campaign. Enjoy the closing credits!

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