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Description: "One of the most recognizable animals in the world, the giant panda is also one of the most endangered. Only zoos with exceptional reputations are even considered as recipients for giant panda adoptions. Will yours be one of them?"

Biome: Wetlands
Map Size: Medium
Start Cash: $150,000
Difficulty: Extremely Difficult
Bonus: Freeform Zoo Maps (7 through 9)

After the dolphin exhibit challenge in the previous stage, this one will probably strike you as rather easy. It's still possible to mess up at this stage in the game--severely--but this stage mostly serves as a nice break before the challenging final area.

1. Create three exhibits with a popularity of four stars or more.

This should be easy. Just start as usual, by building up some concessions and by setting up three cages in the areas already mapped out by the brick walkways. Try putting four animals in each cage, two male and two female of whatever breeds you choose. Don't forget the zookeeper you should place in each one. Once that's done, go back through and give each animal personal care with the touching mini-game (where you tap the numbers on the animals) to bring up the rank of the animals in each exhibit. It shouldn't be difficult to raise your rank in each of the three cages.

2. Build exhibits for a polar bear and a grizzly bear.

You probably didn't have a chance to research anything before completing the first step. Shortly into this objective, you should find your zoo at three stars, allowing you to research. Go ahead and spend money researching each available category, then build the nicer restaurant when you can and also the recycle area. These modifications should allow you to improve your rating a bit. Also let loose some baby critters into the wild if available, to additionally boost your rating so that you're closer to being able to build cages for the two bear types. While waiting for your rank to climb as a result of those changes, go ahead and set up two cages for the bears. Deposit zookeepers, then two of each bear once they actually become available (one male and one female of each species, naturally).

3. Design a giant panda exhibit with a popularity of four stars or more.

Make sure that the biomes you created for the bears while completing the previous objective are properly optimized. Now it's time to continue researching if necessary, and to build a large cage where your panda can feel at home. A 5x5 grid will do fine. Surround it in the iron bars so people can see in. Spend time petting your bear once it's created using the zoo manager mini-game (the one where you tap numbers on the animal). The panda will cost a hefty $50,000, so for now you'll almost certainly have only enough for one. Don't forget to place a zookeeper, either.

4. Maintain a healthy exhibit where a female giant panda can give birth.

Just keep working to optimize your exhibit. What you're waiting for is the moment when you have $50,000 to buy another panda to go with your first one. They need to procreate in order for you to pass this mission. If you're having trouble earning money, sell the offspring of the other creatures that should have mated by now and set up more concessions if necessary. When you have the money, add another panda to the mix (obviously be careful to make sure that the one you buy is of the opposite sex, since they're so pricey). Now, make sure you pay careful attention to both of them, even with the zookeeper you hired wandering their area. If more money comes in, use it to upgrade your worker's efficiency so that offspring is more likely to result. When the baby comes, the mission is over!

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