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Description: "This zoo needs to add a dolphin show as part of a new plan to improve the zoo. But first, you'll need to raise enough cash and earn experience as this zoo's director. Start by putting 20 or more animals on display and make sure all of them have a happiness of 80% or higher."

Biome: Tropical Rainforest
Map Size: Medium
Start Cash: $80,000
Difficulty: Extremely Difficult
Bonus: Star Animal (Giant Panda)

This stage can be genuinely difficult because you start with a small budget and you have to do so much training to complete the objectives. Follow the directions below carefully or you'll come up short of cash and have to waste time sitting around while your budget slowly renews.

1. Using at least three different species, raise 20 or more animals with a happiness rating of 80% or higher.

Do just what the objective says, but don't worry if it takes a bit. The goal here is to use quality animals so that you can easily sell their offspring for good money. Build three cages 5x5 in size and place your critters. Half of each breed should be male, half female. Put zookeepers in each cage. Now focus your energies on sprucing up the zoo by making brick walkways and concession stands and such. You'll want to research in all areas as possible, to get it out of the way right from the start.

You especially need to improve your workers, so that they can more dependably do the job of animal husbandry. Also, improve the buildings and get a recycle center built immediately for some revenue from that side of things. Have a few cleaning workers around to collect and recycle rubbish for money. Remember your restaurants, too; you'll want to place high-quality restaurants as soon as your research will let you for more money. That stuff is more important than getting this first objective out of the way in a hurry, since the last three will go quickly if you lay good groundwork right from the start.

Once you have good revenue coming in from animals breeding--that you can then sell--work actively toward completing this first objective. Remember to optimize your biomes so that people will like your exhibits more and spend more money. You shoudl be able to complete this first objective fairly easily with proper planning as outlined above.

2. Design a dolphin exhibit with a popularity of three stars or more. Hire a Marine Specialist.

This objective is going to take some research, but you don't want to go broke in the process. You want your rating to keep rising so you can continue to research the animals, structures and your workers, which all will be necessary for the eventual dolphin exhibit. You'll have to have a 5-star zoo to research and tehn purchase the dolphin, so don't slack on building concession areas both to boost your rating and generate revenue. The dolphins cost $6000 apiece and you will want at least two of them, plus a marine trainer that you can palce in the space. Remember that you have to build the aquarium type cage to hold the show. Leave room (four squares) next to the exhibit for the next objective.

3. Add a grandstand adjacent to the dolphin's tank.

You should have done enough research by now on buildings to know how to build a grandstand, which you should place immediately next to your dolphin exhibit. Don't let anything rest between the two structures, and make sure patrons can reach them by the walkways. This one is easy by now (hopefully).

4. Fund your zoo's dolphin research project. Open the dolphin's information screen after the project is complete. Then, touch the animal to go to Zookeeper Mode where you can start a dolphin show.

This one involves more research. You pretty much have to have all of your research maxed out at this point, which is the difficult part of the stage. Once you do, just touch one of the dolphins to bring up the zoo management section, where you can play the mini-games. You'll notice an icon has now appeared in the upper left corner of the screen. Click it to begin the show. After the show (you can press 'Start' to skip out of it), exit the zoo management screens and you're done. Mission complete!

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