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Description: "The birth of any baby animal is always a momentous occasion, but the captive breeding of an endangered animal is an important, proactive way of ensuring species survival. Do your part to encourage the reproduction of several species of endangered animals."

Biome: Grassland
Map Size: Medium
Start Cash: $150,000
Difficulty: Challenging
Bonus: Star Animal (Mountain Gorilla)

You'll have 80 months to complete this campaign stage, but you'll need almost all of that time because of the research and breeding involved during the process.

1. Create a healthy exhibit where a Galapagos tortoise can give birth.

For this objective, start by creating a 5x5 area for the turtle. Toss in a zookeeper worker, then a male and a female turtle. Optimize the biome so that they can bear a child. Then while the turtles are doing their thing, make sure you've laid nice brickwork around the cage and set up some of the usual support buildings for your eventual patrons. The turtle baby should be born shortly and then you can begin on the next objective.

2. Create a healthy exhibit where a gray wolf can give birth.

Before you can snag a gray wolf, you have to improve your zoo's ranking a bit. Near your turtle cage, build a 5x5 area that will eventually hold the gray wolf. Place a zookeeper in the area. Now if you need to quickly boost your rating because you already have all the buildings you want, bring in a few animals and then release them to the wild until you have three stars. Flamingos work well for this purpose, and all you need to do is fill the space with their wetlands soil to make them perfectly happy. When you have enough stars to begin researching new animals, do so until you can gain the gray wolf. Then place a male and female in the space and let them produce a young one. Objective completed!

3. Create an exhibit where an orangutan can give birth.

This exhibit will require more research. Make sure you research buildings so that you can build a nice restaurant for your patrons (which will also improve your zoo rating, possibly) and continue adding a few buildings on the side and releasing animals to the wild if necessary (though of course keep a minimum few in to keep the zoo interesting for visitors). You need a five-star zoo to be able to place an orangutan, so there will be some considerable optomization necessary. If you have to, build a smaller cage for some animals that users tend to like, some sort of endangered species such as the rhino, just to improve your zoo rating.

Before too long, you should finally be able to research the orangutan and then place a male and female. Build another 5x5 cage, this one for the orangutan, and place a zookeeper inside. You're going to need a lot of money, since the orangutans cost $35,000 apiece, so make sure you're not wasting money along the way. Put in a male and female orangutan and optimize the biome. Next, make sure that you play the nurturing mini-game with each orangutan, where you tap the different numbered squares on the screen. This will put the animals in a better mood more quickly than what your hired zookeeper will. Next wait for the baby to come. When it does, you're ready for the last objective.

4. Create a healthy exhibit where an American beaver can give birth.

Place a new area for your incoming beavers, if you haven't already. Place a zookeeper in the space, then a male and female beaver. Optimize the area, then brush them and play the number tapping mini-game for each one to encourage them to socialize. This is your last goal, so all of your energy should go to keeping those two beavers really happy so that they make a baby. Once they do, you're done with the area.

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