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Description: "A wealthy landowner would like to create an animal park featuring animals only from Africa. You can use any animal to get the zoo going, but animals from other regions must eventually be released back the wild before your job can be considered complete."

Biome: Savannah
Map Size: Medium
Start Cash: $150,000
Difficulty: Challenging
Bonus: Star Animal (American Beaver)

You have 70 months for this mission, though you shouldn't find it difficult to complete in half that time if you follow the simple strategies outlined below. It's unlikely that you'll even come close to running out of money. Really, this one is nowhere near as difficult as the game's "Challenging" designation would lead you to believe.

1. Return a Gray Wolf and a red kangaroo to the wild without selling them or allowing one of these animals to die.

Start by placing zookeepers in each of the two cages, since you'll want employees there anyway. Then click to tend to the needs of the gray wolf (feed him, water him, clean him and give him medication using the stylus mini-games) then do the same with the red kangaroo. This will bring the animals up to proper health so that you can release them to the wild.

2. Build exhibits for four kinds of aanimals from the Avrican savannah.

Now it's time to bring in some of the animals the zoo director wants. Begin with a male and female of each of the zebra and cheetah species. You can place them in the existing cages, then make two more cages for antelope and ostriches. Place animals and zoo directors in each.

3. Create four exhibits with a popularity of three stars or more.

Go through the cages you've created and check their popularity level. The easiest way to make your areas popular is to optimize them so that the animals like them while making sure that you have entertainment for people who might watch and a good variety of plant life within the cages. This works easier if you've created larger ones on a 5x5 grid when possible. With a male and female, there's also the draw of potential baby animals. It shouldn't be hard to boost your rating here.

4. Build eight different exhibits using only African Savannah animals to create an African Savannah theme park.

This part of the assignment is going to involve researching the animals so that you can obtain all of the Savannah set of creatures. Go ahead and make sure that you have a total of eight suitable cages (one of which should be especially large, 5x5 or better), and while you're doing that have money going into research for animal types. Hopefully, you'll have enough stars to research the later species. If not, you can start donating animals to the wild as an easy way to boost your stars (but obviously not too many; leave at least two creatures in each existing cage). You have to research all the way to the top of the research chain (five stars) for the African elephant. Once you have the animals (giraffe, black rhino, lion and elephant), place them in their cages--one each should be sufficient for the new breeds--and you're done!

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