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Description: "The geography department of a major university has funded a massive biome project to create a facility where the major biomes of the world are represented. You have the task to create such an environment."

Biome: Temperate Forest
Map Size: Medium
Start Cash: $150,000
Difficulty: Challenging
Bonus: African elephant pond

Since this is the first map of this sort in the game, you might have a hard time trying to go it alone. Only certain animals actually count toward your objectives, so keep the following directions carefully in mind as you work your way through. If you do, it'll turn out to be a piece of cake. Otherwise, you may have a lot of trial and error ahead of you.

1. Build exhibits for animals that inhabit savannah, desert, tundra, and scrub biomes.

You should start by sectioning off eight areas where you will have pens, reasonably close together with room for eateries and such in between. For now, you'll be focusing on four pens, so it's easiest to put those on the left half of the map with eateries in between, then four pens you'll use later on the map's right side.

With the four on the left, start by placing zookeepers in each one so that when animals come, they'll be tended to automatically. You should have plenty of cash to spare at this point, anyway. In one pen, place one male and one female camel and optimize their area to the desert biome. In another, place zebras and optimize to the sahara biome. In another, you'll want to place kangaroos and optimize to the scrub biome. Note that while you can succeed in this part of the mission without the optimization, you'll need to tend to it later anyway. You might as well do it now.

With those three sets of animals placed, make sure you've set the zoo up so it's attractive to your visitors. The brick walkways should replace the default paths, for example. Make sure as usual that you have the eateries near the entrance, and the ATM and restrooms. These things will affect your zoo rating, and you need four stars to really make any headway here. As soon as you can, research animals and buildings so that you can access the polar bear. Place one male and one female in the fourth pen on the left side, which should be the last of those that is empty. This should clear the mission's first criteria.

2. Build exhibits for animals that inhabit wetlands, tropical rainforest, boreal forest, and temperate forest biomes.

Start by optimizing the pen for the polar bears that you just created. Now move on to fill the four remaining pens that you should have already set up by now if following my directions. In one place flamingos (wetlands), in another a male and a female moose (for boreal forest, though the more expensive grey wolves will also work if you want to waste money), in another the koala bears and in a final one a black panther or two. Optimize each biome as you go, to save time. This step is actually pretty easy to clear.

3. Using at least three different species, raise 20 or more animals with a happiness rating of 80% or higher.

Now you need to have 20 or more animals in your biomes at 80% happiness or better. If you've been optimizing your biomes, this should practically take care of itself. Fill one of your biomes up with cheap animals, such as the flamingos or the moose area. This should get your numbers up to the 20 needed to pass the assignment.

4. Create outstanding facilities to form a five-star zoo.

Your final goal now will be to make a five-star zoo. If you haven't already, make sure that you're researching your structures. You should be able to build an endangered species sancutary to boost your rating pretty quickly, plus you can release some animals into the wild for easy points. This is another criteria that goes pretty easy, and then the mission is over. If you've followed my directions to the letter, you might even have a few years to spare!

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