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Zoo Tycoon 2 DS Guide > Campaign Walkthrough > Troubled Zoos: Director's Demands

Description: "You've been reassigned to a new zoo where the chairman on the board of directors has a reputation for being quite the eccentric. One zoo director after the other has quit after being unable to deal with his over-the-top, crackpot ideas."

Biome: Grassland
Map Size: Medium
Start Cash: $150,000
Difficulty: Moderate
Bonus: Star Animal (Koala)

This stage serves as a nice introduction to the sort of challenges you'll find throughout the remainder of the campaign mode, though in a mellower sort of way. It's the perfect time to start honing your skills without the pressure you'll find in the areas to come.

1. Design exhibits for three different horned animals.

Build four cages near the entrance, each 4x4 in size with a zookeeper in attendance. In one of the cages, place a male and female moose. Optimize it and place concession stands and other such structures around the zoo until you achieve another star for the zoo. Now you can place the other two horned animals. In one cage, place a male and female antelope, along with a zookeeper. Optimize the cage. Now in yet another of your four cages, place a male and female giraffe. This will make three different horned animals.

2. Build two different exhibits for animals that inhabit polar regions. Each exhibit needs two or more animals.

Make sure you've optimized the first three areas you created. This is important so that your zoo can achieve more stars, allowing you to study new breeds of animal and also to learn how to build the Restaurant and Compost buildings you'll want to place shortly. Go ahead and build another two cages at this point, 4x4 in size like the others. Once you can, build your compost heap in a suitable location, and add a restaurant to your concession area. That should generate revenue you may want soon, plus boost your zoo's rating so you can get more stars and study more animals. Keep improving things until your studies allow you to place two polar bears (one male, one female) and two emperor penguins (one male, one female). You'll need to have four stars to do the research required to access those animals.

3. Add exhibits for four different animals from the feline family.

Build three more cages. By now, you should have no trouble stocking them with two (one male, one female) of each of the following species: cheetah, lion, black panther and Spanish lynx. You'll need to have researched animals as much as is allowed, so do that if you haven't already. You should also research your maintenance crew at least one level, so that you can stock each pen with one zookeeper. Place each of the four cat species in a cage with a zookeeper and that completes that objective.

4. Raise 15 or more animals with a happines rate of 80% or better.

Since you've been optimizing cages as you go, this objective should take care of itself almost the minute you've placed the final cats to complete the last one. If you're having any trouble, just go back through and make sure that you have optimized each cage and that a zookeeper is in each one to keep the animals happy. There shouldn't be any issues.

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