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Description: "The zoo has threatened to go bankrupt ever since a news report uncovered signs of poor animal treatment. It will be your job to ensure the animals are in good care and help bring the guests back to the zoo."

Biome: Grassland
Map Size: Medium
Start Cash: $80,000
Difficulty: Moderate
Bonus: Rhino Statue

This stage might have you worried that your time will run out, but you should take your time with the first few steps. If you do, the last two objectives can be completed in mere seconds. Don't psyche yourself out and this'll be an easy task for you.

1. Create three exhibits that have five animals or more inside.

If you look at the map, you should see where the game has already sectioned off a few areas. Build cages in those, 4x4 or 5x5 depending on your personal preference. Then stock each cage with one zookeeper worker and five animals. Use the inexpensive breeds. Also, make sure you have two males and two females among each group.

2. Build exhibits for the endangered black rhino and black panther.

Now that you've built the pens, go back through and optimize each exhibit. This shouldn't take long at all, or cost much money. When that's done, go around paving the paths around the cages with brickwork, which patrons will like more. With each of those three groups of animals optimized, they should start having babies, which will push up your zoo's rating very quickly. Once you reach three stars, you can research more animals to set the stage for the black rhino and black panther. While that's happening, go ahead and build three more cages, 4x4 in size, for each of those animal breeds that will be arriving and for one more breed of animal that you'll be using to boost your zoo rank. Place a zookeeper worker in each one. Now when you reach three stars, research animals. Once you can, place a male and female lion in one of the new cages. Optimize it and that should carry you up to four stars. Alternatively, you may soon reach four stars just with the work you've already done, and with judicious placement of a few final out buildings. Once you have four stars, you can research the rhino and black panther, then place them in the remaining two cages to complete the objective.

3. The guests continue to increase. Your next task will be to raise 10 animals and return them back to the wild. This will appeal to the conservationists.

For this, just release some of the cheap animals you still have hanging around in the first cages you built. Don't empty any one cage. You should be able to release five from each of those first two cages at no expense to yourself.

4. Establish an Endangered Animals Center in your park.

This is another easy task. Just research buildings until you can build the Endangered Animals Center (you only need to have four stars, which you already do from the previous objective). Plop it anywhere you like and that's the final objective completed!

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