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Zoo Tycoon 2 DS Guide > Campaign Walkthrough > Zookeeper in Training: Beyond Start-up

Description: "With the experience you've gained already, the next step is to transition into a successful growth facility. Expand on this basic zoo to obtain growth in zoo fame, and guest traffic."

Biome: Grassland
Map Size: Medium
Start Cash: $100,000
Difficulty: Easy
Bonus: Star Animal (Penguin)

This stage can prove troublesome if you're still grappling with the controls. If you're fairly comfortable, though, and follow the directions below... you'll do great. The main thing is waiting for zoo visitors to arrive, which can take some time (especially in the case of the final objective).

1. Design attractions for your zoo to increase attendance to 150 or more.

Build two 4x4 grids to the diagonal upper left of the zoo entrance, in the space roughly provided. Surround the cages with brick work, and cover the existing gray-toned walkway, as well. In each of the cages you created, place a zookeeper worker. Then in one cage, place two male and two female moose. In the other, place two male and two female flamingos. Now optimize each exhibit to its residents' tastes. This will cause people to come pouring into the zoo.

While the animals are having fun in their new home, go ahead and spruce up the nearby areas. Add some concession stands and an ATM. Maybe even have a zoo personnel greet guests with a guided tour (the worker costs 200). It shouldn't take long to reach a level of 150 guests and have the first objective complete.

2. Create exhibits for two species of animals that require a zoo rating of three stars or higher.

By the time you finish the first objective, you're probably around a year into this stage. You should also have three stars and already have researched animals at that level, so all you'll need to do now is build two more 4x4 cages, then drop zookeepers into them and some of the required animals. Good options are the California sea lion and regular lions. The former will run you $5000, while the latter is $7500. Put two of each (one male, one female) in their respective cages with the zookeepers and the objective is met.

3. Increase your zoo rating to four stars or more!

To accomplish this, simply optimize the cages that contain your lions and sea lions. You should easily roll up to four stars after doing so, if you're not there already.

4. Boost zoo attendance up to 400 guests!

You should already be nearly to 300 guests if you've been following the above directions. Reaching 400 will just require waiting. In the meantime, you probably have money to burn. You can spend it to build more cages for more animals (optimizing them as you do so and placing zookeepers within). This will allow time to pass more quickly as you wait for numbers to rise, and should help them to climb more swiftly to boot. Or if you have $75,000, you may also consider running a television commercial. That will have a definite impact on your number of visitors to the zoo and is absolutely the best step you can take if you're running short on time. When you reach 400 guests, the stage is complete.

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