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Description: "There are a number of steps to creating a thriving zoo for the animals and for the guests. In your start-up zoo, you'll need to take things one step at a time to build your facility into a popular destination spot."

Biome: Grassland
Map Size: Medium
Start Cash: $100,000
Difficulty: Easy
Bonus: Freeform Zoo Maps (4 through 6)

These early stages should be pretty easy, but there are still places where you might get hung up so don't hesitate to look for specific advice here if needed. Particularly on these early stages, there are multiple strategies that will work equally well, so I'm just relaying what worked great for me.

1. Create exhibits for four different kinds of animals.

From the diagonal upper left of where you start, you'll notice a nice space available. Clear it of any trees with your dozer, then set up four 4x4 grids with room for a path between them. They'll just fit within the pre-set constraints of the existing path. Lay down the appropriate paths, then place a zookeeper worker in each of the four exhibits. Now place animals in them to keep the zookeepers company. Place one male and one female for each of the four available species on the top row: moose, camel, flamingo and zebra.

2. Provide proper restrooms, drink stands, food shops, and benches to satisfy the guests basic needs.

This assignment is self-explanatory. Along the main path at the zoo's entrance, you should be able to place an ATM, a snack stand and a drink stand. Then on the opposite side of that path, create a restroom and a bench and a vending cart. They'll all fit if you do it right. When you're done with your construction and exit the construction menu, you should complete the objective.

3. Care for at least 10 animals in your zoo.

This one should be taking care of itself, since you put a total of four animals in the exhibits and some of them will be having offspring. Go back through and optimize the exhibits to feature the landscape the animals like, if you haven't already. They'll have offspring shortly and that will take the number of animals in your zoo over the minimum of 10.

4. Improve guest satisfaction! Make sure your zoo has an ATM, restaurant, and picnic tables. Guests can enjoy sitting down to eat at the tables nearby a food shop.

At this point, you should be able to satisfy the requirements by now placing a picnic table near the snack food stand you created. Your number of stars for your zoo should be near three by now. Once it reaches that, investigate buildings one time and you'll then be given the ability to create a restaurant. Place it on the map next to the picnic table you just added and you should be done with the stage.

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