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Questions on this page are likely answered elsewhere in the guide, but sometimes it's nice to have a single page that addresses the most common queries. That's what you'll find here.

Q: What do I have to do in order to put on a dolphin show?

A: You're going to have to do some definite research if you'd like to put on a dolphin show. For starters, you need to research animals all the way to the maximum level, meaning you need a 5-star zoo or better. Also, research structures enough that you can build the grandstands (available at the third level) and also research your workers to the third level. When that's done and your zoo is at the appropriate level, you can then research the dolphin show (the fifth icon listed where you can select different categories to research). Finally, build an 'aquarium' style exhibit and place the grandstands so that they touch it and face the exhibit. Place a marine trainer worker within, then add the dolphin. With everything researched and everything placed, now tap the dolphin with your stylus to enter zookeeper mode for that animal. In that window, tap on the picture of your dolphin, which brings up the area where you can usually play mini-games. You'll see an icon in the upper left corner of the screen which you can tap to begin the dolphin show.

Q: Why did my game glitch?

Sometimes the game will glitch when your map gets especially crowded. You may see what looks like a fish swimming around in an exhibit with your polar bears in an arctic exhibit. Whatever you do, don't tap on the fish! If you do, your game will freeze and you'll have to turn it off in order to do anything. This can really stink, but I haven't found a way around it except to avoid touching the fish. Why does the glitch work like that? I think it's because the game only allows one type of animal within an exhibit, but I'm really not sure. You'd have to ask the developers.

Q: What's a good way to raise money?

If you're always running out of money, make sure first of all that you have donation boxes touching your exhibits so people can show their appreciation for your genius with cash. Also, make sure that you've built restaurants and have lined your walkways with nice brickwork, plus benches and the occasional restroom area. Patrons will appreciate that. Perhaps the best way to raise funds is to make sure that you're including at least one male and one female in each exhibit, along with a zookeeper. The happy animals will eventually produce babies, which you can tend to in zookeeper mode and then sell for good money. This works especially well with some of the more expensive breeds that only become available once you've researched them (lions, for example). You can easily build up a few thousand this way, if needed in a pinch.

Q: Why can't I build more buildings, create more exhibits, place more workers or buy more animals?

The game sets limits on how many critters you can have in your zoo (30), how many exhibits (10), how many workers you can employ (10 - 14, depending on how much research you do) and how many buildings you can erect (20). You can access information about your current condition by tapping the top icon along the list of icons, then exploring some of the bottom icons from that secondary menu.