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Description: "Now that you've got the hang of the basic functions, it's time to learn how to access information and check how well your zoo is running."

Biome: Grassland
Map Size: Small
Start Cash: $30,000
Difficulty: Very Easy
Bonus: Secret BGM

This final tutorial area gives you a taste of adding cages and animals, then customizing them to suit their inhabitants. You should be very familiar with this process before you spend much time with the later areas of the game, and can check back here if you ever forget the crucial basics.

1. Create a zebra exhibit.

White arrows will walk you through this process. Start by tapping the landscape icon (second down from the top on the list of icons on the left), then the chain link fence icon (leftmost of the four available options that appear near the bottom of the screen). Now it's time to place your cage. This must be 4x4 spaces or larger. Create such a space by pointing to a green area on the map and dragging the stylus so that it marks out a 4x4 space (if you need more room as you work, remember that you can use the d-pad to move the camera). When your space is acceptable, it will turn turquoise and flash. A green arrow will appear as one of two icons to the right, so tap it to confirm your cage. Now tap the red 'X' in the lower right corner to exit the landscape mode.

Next, it's time to place the animal. Tap the third icon down from the top of the screen, along the left side. This will produce a list of animals you can purchase, near the bottom of the screen. The zebra is the right-most of these animals. Tap on him and then tap a space within the cage you created on the map. Now tap the red 'X' in the lower right corner of the screen.

2. The zebra will not be happy unless we modify its exhibit. Place the zebra's preferred items and increase its happiness level to 70% to clear.

Tap on the zebra that is prancing in its cage. This brings up the zookeeper mode for that animal. Near the lower right corner is a yellow circle with a blue question mark inside. Tap that, then you'll see a list of the animal's favorite elements. The arrow points to the sahara soil, so go ahead and tap on that. Now, a new menu appears with that soil highlighted. Point on it to indicate that you wish to place some of that soil, then spread it out throughout the zebra's cage. Now you can press the red 'X' button with your stylus to exit out. Return to the zookeeper mode for the zebra by tapping it again, and go through the process adding various other elements to keep the animal happy. Placing too many items will actually make the animal unhappy, so be sure to add only a few elements. You can check the status of the animal's current happiness by entering zookeeper mode and looking at the meter just below the picture of the animal.

To really make the animal happy right now, you should enter zookeeper mode and then tap the picture of the zebra, which brings up a list of mini-games you can play. Completing these will improve its condition in a few key areas and will allow you to pass the objective. There are on-screen directions on how to play each game and no tips are really necessary.

3. Place a donations box.

This step is easy. Just tap the fourth icon from the top of the screen, along the list of icons. Now you'll see three categories of buildings you can add. The icon you want to tap now is the middle of those three, which should currently have a white arrow hovering over it. Tap that and you'll see four options. The donation box (with a white arrow to mark it) is the one on the far left. Tap it and then tap the place on the map next to the zebra cage and the red brick pathway where you wish to place it. Now tap the green checkmark along the right side of the screen to confirm, then the red check box on the lower right side of the screen to exit out of the mode and complete the objective.

4. Go to Zookeeper Mode.

Touch the zebra on the map, then tap the icon of the animal that appears on the Zookeeper screen. You can play the mini-games again, or you can exit out of the mode by tapping the red arrow on the lower right side of the screen. Objective and tutorials complete!

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