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Description: "Take what you've learned and go a step further in this second part of the tutorial!"

Biome: Grassland
Map Size: Small
Start Cash: $10,000
Difficulty: Very Easy
Bonus: None

A lot of what you'll learn in this part of the tutorial will come in handy every minute during the creation of your eventual zoo, whether here in the 'Campaign' mode or just in the freeform experience. Pay close attention.

1. Touch the switch modes icon two times.

The upper left icon on your screen is the switch modes icon. Tap it twice.

2. Select the Asphalt Path and lay a section of path from the front gate to the back of the zoo.

The second icon down along the left side of the screen, called the 'landscape icon' in the game, allows you to lay a path. Tap it, then the second icon from the left from the four at the bottom of the screen (you should notice a white arrow hovering over it). Now tap the first of the four options that appear, which is the asphalt path (again, a white arrow will be hovering over it). Lay a straight path from the entrance of the zoo to its back side on the grid. When the path reaches the wall, tap the red arrow on the lower right side of the screen to back out of the path-building utility and to complete this objective.

3. Touch the landscape icon. Touch the foliage icon. Place three kinds of foliage.

Touch the second icon along the left side of the screen again (remember, it's called the 'landscape icon') and then the third square from the left near the bottom of the screen (a white arrow is hovering over it). You'll now be presented with four types of foliage. Tap one, then tap the screen in the place where you wish to position it and the green arrow to confirm. Repeat the process for two more foliage types. When that is done, click on the red 'X' in the lower right corner of the screen to exit out of landscape mode.

4. Let's place a restroom in the zoo and rotate it completely around one time. After you've done that, touch the checkmark and complete the purchase.

Touch the fourth icon down along the left menu. This brings up a list of available buildings. The second one from the left (out of four options that appear) is the restroom. You'll see a white arrow hovering over it. Tap it and the restroom can be placed where you choose. Position it near a path and then look to the three icons that should be waiting along the right side of the screen. There's a blue box with a circular arrow in it. Tap that four times, then tap the green arrow just below it to complete the objective.

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