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Description: "Start learning the basics of Zoo Tycoon 2 with this guided tutorial. Then move on to construction techniques and more!"

Biome: Grassland
Map Size: Small
Start Cash: $10,000
Difficulty: Very Easy
Bonus: None

This stage is just getting you familiar with the way the game operates. You should try to complete it without any of the notes below, though of course they're available to reference if you get stuck.

1. Touch the screen as indicated by the arrow.

This step is just acquainting you with the menus available to you. Along the left side of the screen, there are a bunch of icons you'll use extensively throughout the game. A white arrow will hover over one of them. Tap that icon and it will then point to the next one down the list. Keep tapping them until the camera icon on the bottom extends a menu with a magnifying glass. Tap it with your stylus, as well, then the yellow arrow twice to rotate the zoo. Now look to the upper right corner of the screen, where the white arrow is now pointing at an icon of a hand. Tap it twice.

2. Scrolling the screen allows you to check all the locations in your zoo. Touch the screen with the stylus and drag it in the direction you want to view.

As the text in the gray box instructs you, for this step you'll want to scroll the screen using your stylus. Tap in the green grid area with your stylus and drag it a bit in each direction (or in a small circle). That will complete this objective.

3. There are two more camera positions you can use. Touch the camera icon to open the camera window. Then touch the magnifying glass and the rotate icon.

Touch the camera icon on the bottom of the list of icons along the left side, then tap the magnifying glass and next the yellow arrow that extended outward from the icon once you touched it. Finally, tap the camera again to collapse the menu.

4. The bulldozer icon allows you to demolish objects in your zoo. Delete all of the trees and rocks from the zoo.

To remove debris, touch the bulldozer menu along the left side (three icons up from the bottom of the screen), then touch a rock or tree. Tap the green arrow that appears to the right to confirm the deletion. Now repeat this process for every rock and tree, scrolling around the map using your stylus or the d-pad buttons located to the left of your screen on your DS unit (I prefer the d-pad myself, and you'll probably find that the game works best for you if you immediately grow accustomed to using it for navigation). When you've completely removed the rocks and trees, that's the first tutorial stage complete!

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