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The Legend of Zelda Guide

Welcome to the site's The Legend of Zelda guide, written by Devin Morgan.

A brief rundown of the game's lore and controls, to get you started.

The Overworld
Information about where to find shops, items, and dungeon entrances, among other things.

First Quest Walkthrough
Walks you through the game's first quest, with guides to the dungeons and advice on tasks worth accomplishing along the way.

Second Quest Walkthrough
A walkthrough for the second quest, covering new locations for items and dungeons, and strategies for the more challenging dungeons you'll face on the way to the second showdown with Gannon.

Detailed information about the various enemies you'll encounter in the Hyrule overworld and within its numerous dungeons, including bosses.

Items & Shops
Tips on where to find Heart Containers, inventory items, and the various shopkeepers that will sell the items you need to remain healthy while you're saving Hyrule.

Secrets/Tips and Tricks
Find out convenient tips about where to find free rupees, and even a trick to skip directly to the second quest.

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