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Smash Tour is a board game mode. Players earn and find random characters, which can have alternate move sets made of custom moves. The number in the corner of the fighter's portrait shows which numbered set of special moves it has, with 1 being the default. When two players bump into each other on the board, a four-player match starts. This happens more often on smaller boards. All losers lose a character and the winner is awarded one character, and possibly an item as well. If one of the people who caused the fighter KO's the other, they'll be sent flying, and they'll drop a fighter, too.

Items take the form of trophies. There are three types of items. Items with a red base affect battles. If an item is to be used on an opponent, you'll have to select the opponent after selecting the item. Your opponents won't be able to tell who was targeted until after everyone has chosen a target.

  • Back Shield†- Start battle with a Back Shield.
  • Black Knight†- On occasion, turns smash attacks into one-hit KOs.
  • Bob-omb†- Start battle with a Bob-omb.
  • Boo†- Start battle invisible.
  • Bunny Hood†- Start battle wearing a Bunny Hood.
  • Daisy†(Baseball) - Automatically catch thrown items.
  • Dixie Kong†- Adds one to the user's number of double jumps.
  • Energy Tank - Heals the user once if their damage exceeds 100%.
  • Franklin Badge†- Start battle wearing a Franklin Badge.
  • Hammer†- Start battle with a Hammer.
  • Home-Run Bat†- Start battle with a Home-Run Bat.
  • Kat & Ana†- User won't bounce off walls and ceilings.
  • Majora's Mask†- Inflicts 50% damage to the user but doubles their stats.
  • Mecha-Fiora - Boosts the user's attack power the more they take damage. Stacks with Lucario's Aura.
  • Metal Box†- Start battle in metal form.
  • Mr. Saturn†- Makes it easier to break shields with attacks.
  • Ore Club†- Start battle with an Ore Club.
  • Phosphora†- Allows you to land instantly by tapping down.
  • Plasm Wraith - Heals the user when they block attacks with their shield.
  • Rocket Belt†- Start battle with a Rocket Belt.
  • Sidestepper†- Speeds up the user's sideways dodges.
  • Steel Diver†- Start battle with a Steel Diver.
  • Super Mushroom†- Start battle in giant form.
  • Super Scope†- Start battle with a Super Scope.
  • X Bomb†- Start battle with an X Bomb.
  • Darkrai - Puts an opponent to sleep at the start of battle.
  • Latias & Latios - Allows you to choose an opponent to be your teammate in a battle.
  • Mr. Resetti - Reduces a chosen opponent's stats to 0 for one battle.
  • Poison Mushroom - Shrinks a foe at the start of battle.
  • Wolfen - Inflicts 100% damage on a chosen foe at the start of battle.
  • Magnus - After battle, launches all players you KO'd during the fight.
  • Ultimate Chimera - Takes two fighters from the last opponent KO'd instead of just one. It will activate even if the user did not place first in the battle.

Blue items are used on the playfield.

  • Ashley - Slows down the spinner.
  • Boss Galaga - Switches the other players around.
  • Bus to the City - Calls everyone to the user's space.
  • Chain Chomp - Scatters nearby opponents.
  • Dillon - Launches other players encountered.
  • Doc Louis - Increases the effect of collected stat boosts by 1.5x.
  • Excitebike - Doubles the result of the user's spin.
  • Ghosts - Allows the user to walk through stationary opponents without triggering a battle.
  • Great Fox - Warps the player to a checkpoint that they have not yet visited.
  • Isabelle - Changes nearby stat boosts to maximum size.
  • POW Block - Makes all other players drop fighters.
  • Riki - Allows the user to collect items two spaces away.
  • Snorlax - Temporarily makes the user impossible to launch away on the map.
  • Super Star - Makes the player invincible and twice as fast.
  • Tetra - Places a trap that can steal a fighter.
  • Timmy & Tommy Nookling - Transforms nearby items into different items. This includes turning fighters into stat boosts, so be careful.
  • Tingle - Shuffles the fighters of all players.
  • Yellow Wollywog - Nullifies traps that the user steps on.
  • Zinger - Places a trap that can launch an opponent.

The few green items can be thought of as counter items. They react to items other people use.

  • Porky Minch - Steals a Tour Item used by another player.
  • Proto Man - If a tour item specifically targets this item's user, it is reflected back to that item's user.
  • Substitute Doll - If a tour item specifically targets this item's user, it is redirected to a random other player (that is not the original item's user).

You'll get new items every single turn, so use them often.

You can find items and fighters on the ground as you travel around the map, but the most common things you'll find are stat boosts.

  • Speed (Green Boot) - Speed increases your movement speed, of course.
  • Jump (Yellow Wing) - Jump increases the height of your jumps. This means single, double, and wall jumps, but not triple jumps (up specials). It also increases your falling speed.
  • Attack (Orange Boxing Glove) - Attack increases the amount of damage your normal attacks do.
  • Special (Red Burst) - Increases the power of special moves. Of course, this means anything you do with the B button.
  • Arms (Purple Hammer) - Increases the power of projectiles, items (including healing items), and throws. Increases the distance of grabs and decreases the chances of dropping a held item when attacked.
  • Defense (Blue Shield) - Decreases the distance enemies can launch you. Toughens your shield and makes perfect shielding easier to pull off.

Look for the checkpoints. Each checkpoint will give you a stat boost. Pass over all five checkpoints to get a special boost to all of your stats. You can keep track of which checkpoints you've passed by looking at the icons under your Mii in the corner of the screen.

Other noteworthy spots include warp pipes, which will warp you across the map, to a similarly coloured pipe, and shuffle spots, which will shuffle your stat boosts around.

Events will occur randomly. These are all explained when they happen. If a Koffing appears, for example, it will cover the board with smoke, making spaces impossible to see. If Metal Face appears, you'll have to fight him on the Gaur Plain stage, and whoever deals the final blow will win a prize.

After all of the turns have passed, you'll move on to the final battle. All players will take part with all of the fighters they've collected. When one fighter is knocked out, it's replaced with the next fighter on the list. This looks like a stock match, but it's ultimately more like a timed battle. KO's are tracked, and whoever has the most when there's only one person left standing, or when time runs out, is the winner.

Even if you don't win, you'll get some prizes at the end, in the form of trophies, custom parts, etc..

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