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The FINAL Final Battle (Hard) – It's the fighter of your choice on Battlefield, beating up mascots! First it's Mega Man and Sonic, then eventually Pac-Man, and then Mario. Unlike the event directly preceding this one, you only get one life this time, so it's actually significantly tougher. Mega Man and Sonic make a particularly annoying team because they compliment each other so well. Sonic likes to get close and rough you up quick while Mega Man hangs back and fires projectiles. Argh. When you get knocked out of the ring (and you will), try to recover from below. Go slightly below the edge of the platform and double or triple jump to the edge. This will give you some invincibility frames and let you attack on your way up, because they will definitely be waiting for you. This is a straightforward, no-items battle on Battlefield, so there's no trick to it any more than there is a trick to a standard Smash match. You'll just have to bring the skills!

A Fated Battle (Normal or higher within 80 seconds) – Ganondorf is heavy, and you each have two stocks, which accounts for that 80 second time limit. This is the Castle Siege stage, and it will switch to the second phase at about 40 seconds. Try to have Ganondorf taken down once before then, but that's not absolutely necessary. Lure him beyond the edge of the screen in the second phase and toss or smash him out of the ring for a quick KO there. It's possible to pull this off twice before you hit your 80 seconds, but preferably, you'll only have to do it once at that point. At 1:30, the stage will switch to the third phase, and two Shadow Links will show up. They each have one stock, and you don't actually have to KO them. Just finishing off Ganondorf will win you the event. At this point, though, you will already have failed to earn your reward.

In the Name of the Hero-King (Hard) – A standard 200HP stamina match. The computer is pretty good at countering, so don't be too predictable. (Don't spend a lot of time charging smash attacks.) Remember that the tip of Marth's sword does more damage than the rest. If you want to be cheap, head over to the edge of the stage and just toss Lucina over the line when she follows you.

Great Fox Defense (Hard) – These Game & Watches will float down towards what is definitely not Great Fox. If one of them lands, you'll fail. You can tell where they'll appear from the magnifying glass at the top of the screen. Some will float more slowly, on parachutes, and others will fall normally, which is still pretty slow because Game & Watch is really light. You can KO each of them in one hit with an upwards aerial attack. The event lasts about 45 seconds.

Behind Enemy Lines (Normal or higher after defeating 8 enemies) – You're at 200% damage as Fox, but so are Mega Man and Bowser Jr.. You'll have to play conservatively if you want to avoid getting knocked out. You have one minute to survive, which is easy to do if you don't go for the prize. You'll have to KO these two jerks a total of 8 times to really finish the event, though. Don't get hit and remember that many of Mega Man's attacks will bounce right off your down special reflector. You can KO these guys with a single smash attack, but don't side smash them into the barrier when the enemy ship is trying to penetrate it, because it will just waste your time.

Pokemon Battle (Normal or higher after defeating 2 enemies) – A four-pokemon free-for-all. You're Greninja and your opponents are Lucario, Pikachu, and Charizard. There's no secret to this one. Just make sure that you're the one who knocks at least two of the three enemies out.

It's Past Your Bedtime! (Hard) – There are three foes you'll have to put to sleep as Jigglypuff. Her up special, sing, will put any nearby enemies to sleep. In this event, if you put someone to sleep, they'll stay asleep, which makes things much easier. This is the Game & Wario stage, so watch out for mom's terrifying gaze.

When Lightning Strikes (Normal or higher within 60 seconds) – One tiny Pikachu against three big ones. You'll want to grab one of the lightning items that spawns to even things out. Don't waste time waiting for one to spawn, though. Do as much damage as you can while you wait. There's no penalty for you getting KO'd. If one of your foes grabs the first lightning item, all is not lost. It's possible to win within the 60 seconds with the second item that spawns, but it's not easy.

Oh Yeah, Luigi Time! (Within 30 seconds) – Wario is actually larger than normal, so it's a bit tougher than it sounds. Mario will show up at 30 seconds to save you, but that's too late to get the prize. You'll land on an island at 20 seconds, which will make it tougher, since the pit will be replaced by water. You'll be tempted to dash attack, but Luigi's dash attack sucks. Instead, approach him by running at him and then hopping at the last moment to do a jump attack. There's not really any trick to this. You might be able to KO him by luring him to the top platform and landing enough up smash attacks to KO him before the platform lands. Remember that Luigi's up special is a good launcher if it lands correctly. Alternatively, you can hope for a lucky item spawn, such as a Bullet Bill.

Jackpot Opportunity (Normal or higher within 100 seconds) – This is a coin battle. 100 seconds is actually plenty of time to reach the required 1000 coins. Remember that you don't have to be the one to land the blow that spawns the coins. Ignore the food that spawns and simply smash your opponents and grab their loot. Nothing to it.

Fitness Junkie (Hard within 45 seconds) – You'll have to KO these two big Warios to win. They'll both be drawn to the food that spawns, which heals them. This is a walk-off stage and the computer isn't very smart, so it's pretty easy to just lure them to the very edge of the stage and then grab and throw them backwards to KO them instantly.

The Final Battle (Hard) – You can play as whoever you want in this one. It's you vs. Bowser, Ganondorf, and King Dedede on Final Destination. You have two lives, which still isn't quite fair, exactly, but it's pretty good. This fight is just a striaghtforward 1 vs. 3 team battle. All of your opponents are heavy hitters, so you can pretty much deal with them all the same way, whatever that means to you.

No Mere Sparring Match (Normal or higher within 40 seconds) – You'll have to fight a team of three wire frame Little Macs, each with four stocks. They're very weak, like Multi Man Smash opponents, but there's a lot of them and the time limit is pretty strict. You're going to want to use moves that are quick but powerful enough to one-shot them. The best move for that is your dash attack. Roll back to get some distance, then dash forward and attack when you're close. The annoying part is that you're at 100% damage when you start, meaning you're also easy to knock away. One hit from these guys might not be enough to beat you, but it will send you flying, so you'll have to waste precious time getting back in the game.

Beautification (Hard within 60 seconds) – Your goal isn't to KO these guys, but to plant flowers on all of their heads with a Lips Stick. Several will spawn, so don't worry too much if one of your opponents grabs one before you can get to it. Remember that Rosalina's down special can draw items to her. See if you can corral them all into one spot so you can quickly plant flowers on all four of them at once, because flowers don't stay on heads forever.

The Falchion's Seal (Normal within 60 seconds) – This big ol' Charizard will need to be knocked out with a Final Smash, but that doesn't mean you should just sit there and do nothing before that happens. He'll probably start by simply jumping over to you, use use some upward smash attacks to juggle his heavy carcass for a while. Damage him as much as you can before the Smash Orb appears at 20 seconds. Try not to let Charizard take it for himself, which he very easily can, because he's huge. Hopefully, you'll have done enough damage to him by that point to KO him with one well-placed Final Smash. The time limit is actually very generous, so take your time and aim that Final Smash correctly. Remember that Chrom comes out directly in front of Robin and travels a decent distance, but it absolutely will not hit if Charizard is above or below your level.

All-Star Battle: Regulars (Normal or higher) – You can choose your character for this one. I recommend a heavy hitter, but it's up to you. You'll have to fight the eight characters who were unlocked by default in the very first 1999 Super Smash Bros.. That's Mario, Samus, Link, Kirby, Pikachu, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Fox. They come two at a time, and they have low knockback resistance for this event, so just go to town on them. This event is easy as pie.

Up to Speed (Hard within 25 seconds) – You're Sonic against Fox, Falco, and Captain Falcon. 25 seconds doesn't seem like much time, but the fight actually runs at a higher speed than normal anyway. This doesn't make the already-slippery Sonic any easier to control. Thankfully, the enemies in this event launch with less damage than normal, because Sonic's launchers suck in general.

Playing Tricks (Normal or higher in 20 seconds) – As Ness, bury two Villagers with pitfalls at the same time. Setting pitfalls as traps is the wrong way to do this. Instead, grab the first pitfall that spawns, hang onto it, and when the second one spawns, toss the first one at a (grounded) Villager before nabbing the second pitfall and doing the same to the other Villager. Remember that if the Villager is in the air when you hit him or her, they'll just fall to the ground.

King of the Yoshis (Defeat at least 5 enemies) – This is an 8-player Yoshi free-for-all match. You're the green one. You just have to survive to clear the match, but for the bonus, you'll have to deal the KO blow to at least 5 of your foes. Whenever a skirmish breaks out, ground pound into the middle of it. Specifically target enemies with more than 50% damage.

Doctor Schmoctor (Normal or higher within 45 seconds) – You have a flower on your head, but hey, whatever, nbd. It's tough to KO people from inside the mansion, and the roof isn't that big, so hop up to the second floor and destroy it. This should leave you with plenty of time to KO Dr. Mario. This event is pretty simple.

Wrecking Mario (Hard) – Your goal is not to defeat Wario (or the other Wario that shows up at 30 seconds) but to destroy the building. Attack the bombs to set off chain reactions. One uncharged side smash attack is enough to set off a bomb. Ignore the ones that aren't next to anything destructible. Hammers spawn frequently, so use them to your advantage, but he careful. The heads might fall off and then you'll be helpless. Alternatively, let Wario grab them and keep your distance. He will lose the mobility necessary to easily reach you, and he might destroy some stuff to help you out in the process. Fight Wario off to give yourself space to work, but don't worry about defeating him.

Guardian of the Jungle (Within 60 seconds) – Donkey Kong and two Diddy Kongs against three Duck Hunt Dogs. This is a straightforward team battle. There's really no advice to give here.

Mechanical Menace (Within 60 seconds) – Metal ROB and Metal Mega Man (isn't he always metal?) have 200HP each, the same as you. Thankfully, this is a walk-off stage, so you can just lure them off screen on one of the top platforms and throw or smack them out. Use your fifth Monado Art (Smash) to help with this. If you don't want to do it that way, use Shulk's fourth Monado Art (Buster) to increase your strength. This will make you take more damage, too, however. Once you beat both of these robots, Metal Face will show up, and you'll have to KO him, too. You can't knock him out of the ring, so you'll have no choice but to do as much damage to him as possible. Once again, use the Buster Monado Art for this. If you have Shulk's Decisive Monado Arts move, equip it in Customization to help you out. It will make your Buster Art last longer, but you won't be able to turn it off before it runs out. This means it is unwise to use the Smash Art with it, because then you'll have to face Metal Face with Smash, which lowers your attack power, making him harder and you weaker, since it also decreases your own knockback resistance. Alternatively, Hyper Monado Arts are more powerful but don't last as long, meaning you can use Smash against the first two enemies and Buster against Metal Face. These are all optional, of course. No custom special moves are necessary.

Bounty Hunter Clash (Normal or higher within 80 seconds) – This is a two stick match between Captain Falcon and Zero Suit Samus, at least at first. Around 20 seconds, a team of two Villagers will show up, each with one stock. They are not on the same side as Zero Suit Samus, so they might fight each other, which is good news for you. You can focus on one Villager while the other guys duke it out, or you can let them group together and smack 'em all with a Falcon Punch or smash attack. Ideally, you'll have Zero Suit Samus down to one stock by the time the Villagers show up.

A Situation of Some Gravity (Normal within 50 seconds) – This stage has higher gravity than usual so both you and Rosalina are more difficult to knock away. However, it's also the Mario Galaxy stage, which means you can just hide off screen for a bit and grab Rosalina and throw her out of the ring when she comes close. Zero Suit Samus even has a beam she can grab with to make it easier.

The Ultimate Swordsman (Normal or higher after defeating 5 enemies) – This is an 8 player free-for-all, so you won't have to do everything yourself, but you'll have to land the killing blow 5 times if you want that sweet reward. You're Ike, which means that, of all the swordsmen, you're the best at clearing out crowds. Whenever several opponents are in a skirmish, get close and whack 'em with a smash attack. His up smash is great when you're surrounded. In the second phase of the stage, it's also a great way to lunch several enemies at once, provided you're all on one of the higher platforms.

The Destroyer Cometh (Within 45 seconds) – Three Ganondorfs of various sizes that will try to destroy the platforms in Sky World. You'll fail if they all get destroyed. Obviously, the big one is the biggest threat, so go for him first. It's ok if you let them destroy some of the lower platforms to make room. Just use side smash attacks. Maybe avoid up smash attacks, though, since they're dangerous to the stage.

The Original Heavyweights (Don't take damage) – This is the first event you'll play, and it's not too tough. It's the Mario Galaxy stage, meaning it's a "walk off" stage, so just stand close to the edge of the stage (without going so far that you take damage) and lure your two opponents over. Grab and toss them off the edge to KO them quickly and easily. If they don't quite reach the edge, a follow-up smash attack should do it.

Four Swords Adventures (Normal or higher in 45 seconds) – This is a stamina battle. Everyone has 100 HP. There's not really any trick to this. Use smash attacks until they're dead. The time limit for the reward is very generous.

A Battle of Scale (Within 60 seconds) – You're a tiny Olimar against a giant Bowser, which doesn't seem fair, but it's easy to use his weight against him. Get him over to the left or right side of the stage and knock him onto the suspended platform. This probably won't be enough, so follow him onto it and knock him away. You'll cause the platform to sink a bit yourself, and he'll probably be prone for a little while when he lands on it himself. With any luck, he won't be able to recover before it drops him.

All-Star Battle: Brawl (Normal) – 10 fighters who were newcomers in Brawl. That's King Dedede, Charizard, Meta Knight, Lucario, Pit, Diddy Kong, Wario, Olimar, Ike, and Zero Suit Samus. You'll fight them two at a time on an Omega stage with no items. You can choose your own character for this one. Since you don't even have to play it on Hard, it's pretty easy. Just play it the way you'd play any other itemless 1 vs. 2 team battle. You have two stocks, even.

Kirby's Crazy Appetite (Hard) – You start off at 125% damage (or 140% on Hard) and have to completely heal yourself all the damn way down to 0% using food that spawns not-quite-frequently-enough in this level, all within 2 minutes. Food also comes out of the chests that appear, but so do bombs sometimes, and this stage moves faster than normal, so you won't necessarily be able to react to them fast enough. If food is on a platform above you, jump through it and press the grab button to take it without landing on the ground. If you're lucky, you might find a crate or something that has several pieces of food in it, but those can probably explode too. It's the Great Cave Offensive, so the camera is zoomed far out, so food will be hard to spot. You can pause the game and scroll the camera around to search for it if you want. You also have five King Dededes to dededeal with. For the love of god, copy one of them as soon as you can and use their ability to eat the food. This will cause it to heal you a little more, and it's basically impossible to complete this event on Hard otherwise. They're not very smart, even on Hard, but try to stay as far away from them as possible. You may be tempted to equip a piece of custom equipment that heals you gradually, but too bad, this is one of the few Events where you can't use custom characters. Honestly, this event seems to be like a grand tour of dumb little rules that each make it a bit more frustrating and less fair than the last.

The Jungle in Chaos (Normal or higher within 90 seconds) – It's Diddy Kong against a whole horde of 20 weak Donkey Kongs wearing bunny hoods. This is the Jungle Hijinxs stage, so there are two planes you can fight on, and they'll take turns dropping out of play. Hopping back and forth can really waste your time. The Donkey Kongs will try to be on the same plane as you, thankfully. The best way to beat them all in the time limit is to refuse to switch planes. Keep things simple, stay in the foreground. When the ground starts to fall away, move to one of the side platforms. That will make it even easier to keep the heat on the Donkey Kongs. One thing to keep in mind is that these guys are really light, so the first two hits of your three-hit upward smash attack will send them up into the air, out of reach of your third, launcher hit, but not high enough to be defeated. For this reason, it's better to stick to side smashes in this match.

Unwavering Chivalry (Hard) – This one can be a pain. You have two lives, and Marth, Zelda, and Peach are ganging up on you. The twist is that knocking either Zelda or Peach out will fail the event. You can damage anyone, but only KO Marth. He's not the lightest character you're facing, so damaging everyone equally will not help you. You can hold back and wait for an opening, when Marth is on his own and approaching you. One thing to keep in mind is that the platform you're fighting on (at the start of the battle, anyway) can be passed through from below. Try flying under it and using your up special move to precisely attack Marth from below. If you can get his damage high enough while keeping everyone else's damage low, you can defeat him with a sloppy smash attack that hits everyone. If the girls have medium-to-high damage, too, though, you'll want to make sure you only hit Marth.

Robotic Rampage (Within 70 seconds) – You'll have to take down a giant metal ROB in this match. Thankfully, you have two allies who will help you out. He's heavy and difficult to launch, so you'll really have to rack up the damage. ROB's up special gives him good recovery, even when he's heavy, so either get him to one of the high platforms when you're in transit and smash him straight up with all your might, or knock him into the water when you reach an area that has some. Metal doesn't float very well.

Doppelganger Duel (Hard) – This is a one-on-one stamina match with 200HP. This isn't a walk-off stage so there's no cheap way to do this. Dark Pit is a tiny bit slower and a tiny bit stronger than regular Pit, so your attacks should deal the teensiest bit more damage than your opponent's. There's no real advice here, it's just a straightforward, fair match.

Princess Punch-Up! (Normal or higher within 60 seconds) – Zelda and Link vs. Peach and Mario. It's a simple one-stock team battle over Skyloft. There's no gimmick or trick here, so just beat them up as quickly as you can.

The Demon King and the Goddess (Normal within 45 seconds) – I guess Ganondorf is just a demon now. You start off fighting Zelda and Link but, as you might have guessed, Palutena will show up after you defeat them. She's huge, but you're Ganondorf, so you can still send her pretty far when you hit her. The time limit for the bonus prize is pretty small, so keep the heat on them and take them out as quickly as possible.

The Big 7650! (Hard) – Use Pac-Man's final smash and eat those Olimars up. This honestly isn't any harder on Hard than it is on Normal or Easy. You'll start with a Smash Orb, so just use it. Don't move up or down, just left or right, since even if they jump, they have to return to the ground eventually. You'll have to eat six Olimars (there are three in play, so twice each) to reach 7650 points.

The King Strikes Back (Without taking any damage) – A simple 150HP stock match vs. Kirby. That optional objective is intimidating, but King Dedede hits hard and has pretty decent reach (at least better than Kirby's standard attacks) so with proper timing you can basically just stand there and hit Kirby with side smash attacks when he comes close. You can even do it on Easy, if you want.

Fire-Type Frenzy (Normal or higher within 70 seconds) – First you'll fight Greninja, then Lucario, and finally Pikachu. You'll fight them one at a time, and fire items will spawn frequently (Fire Bars, Fire Flowers, and Superspicy Curries). Don't be afraid to use your self-damaging side special against them. Charizard hits hard enough to ignore the items, and most of them won't help your opponents much, either, but try not to let them get near the Superspicy Curry. That will make them more difficult to approach and attack from up close for a while, and you do have to beat all three within 70 seconds for the prize.

That Elusive 9 (Hard) – This is a matter of luck, basically. Mr. Game & Watch's side special randomly generates a number from 1 to 9, with 9 being a powerful launcher. You'll need to hit your opponent with a 9 to win, which can happen the first time you hit them, or the hundredth time. You might want to weaken your foe a little first to make sure the 9 is enough to KO them, since you are dealing with a permanently metal Mr. Game & Watch. You can improve your odds by equipping the Decisive Judge custom special, if you have it. This will make limit the numbers that come to to either 1 or 9. 9 still appears less often than 1, but more often than it usually does. However, it is weaker than the standard version, so deal some damage before you start spamming the move.

New Challengers 1 (Hard) – Fight seven characters making their Smash Bros. debut in this game. That's Bowser Jr., Rosalina, Little Mac, Lucina, Villager, Duck Hunt, and Wii Fit Trainer. You can choose your character for this one. Two of these enemies (Lucina and Little Mac) can counter you, because they're jerks. Be careful around those two, because the most frustrating KO's you'll suffer will come from their counters. Otherwise, fight them the way you usually fight in regular battles. You have two lives, which will help make things easier.

Duck Hunt! (Hard) – Don't worry about Falco, or the giant Falco that spawns after a certain amount of time has passed. Just focus on taking out all of the ducks that spawn in the background. There are 10 in all. One hit is enough to defeat a duck, and Ray Guns spawn frequently, making it even easier. You'll have to hit every single duck, though, as letting even one escape is an instant fail.

New Challengers 2 (Normal or higher) – Beat up some newcomers as the character of your choice. You'll have to beat Shulk, Palutena, Mega Man, Dark Pit, Robin, Pac-Man, and Greninja. You have to stocks to do it in, and you'll have to fight them two at a time. Aside from the fact that you have to face so many opponents in a row, this is a straightforward match, so just do whatever works best for you.

The Break of Day (Within 70 seconds) – The three pieces of the Daybreak will spawn one at a time. You'll need to KO all three of the Dark Pits with it to win. They can pick up pieces, but they don't seem to go out of their way for them. If you don't spend too much time aiming, you can build the Daybreak twice within the time limit. Just one shot is not enough to KO anyone, so while you're waiting for parts to spawn, rough them up to get them ready. They won't stay dead unless you finish them off with the Daybreak, though. This one is largely a matter of luck, because there's a really good chance a part will spawn directly on top of a Dark Pit who is attacking and he'll pick it up. They can also spawn on the sloped platform and just bounce into the abyss.

Aura Mastery (Normal or higher within 90 seconds) – Wii Fit Trainer and Shiek are invisible, mostly. You can see them kick up dust when they move, or flicker a little from time to time, or glow when they charge up an attack. You have 200% damage by default, so you're easy to knock away (even with a single attack), but it also means your attacks are stronger because you're Lucario and that's how he works. The items that spawn are specifically chosen to be the "fire and forget" type, like the Boss Galaga and Pow Block, which will hit enemies wherever they are. You have two lives, as do each of your foes.

Identity Crisis (Hard within 50 seconds) – You start as Sheik, but you'll switch to Zelda if you get knocked out. Samus and Zero Suit Samus fight you separately, which can make the time limit a bit tricky if you're not cheap enough. It's a walk-off stage, so just hide off the edge of the screen until Samus comes over, then toss her out. Then do the same to Zero Suit Samus. No problem.

Galactic Avenger (Normal or higher within 80 seconds) – You'll start off fighting Dark Samus with 150HP each. Beat her up until Ridley shows up, then turn your attention to him. If Dark Samus gets close enough, you'll be able to damage both of them at once. If Ridley moves somewhere out of reach, like to the edge of the stage, turn your attacks to Dark Samus for a while. You should focus on Ridley whenever possible, but you'll need to take them both out to win the match.

Yellow Devils (Normal or higher within 90 seconds) – Do as much damage to Pikachu as you can before the Yellow Devil shows up. Your down and up smashes are the way to go. One the Yellow Devil is in play, focus all of your attention on him. Get behind him and use your forward aerial attack just right to reach his eye. After damaging him enough, he'll explode. Try to knock Pikachu and/or Pac-Man (who will have showed up by now) into the blast. This isn't completely necessary, but it helps a lot. If you're left with both enemies after the explosion, try to use attacks that damage them both, like your down smash.

Family Ties (Normal or higher within 30 seconds) – Bowser is there to help you out, and he's ginormous. This stage might actually be easier without him, though! It's a walk-off stage, so if you can corral the Bros. to the edge and just knock them off, you'll be done before you know it. Dad's being a distraction, though....

All-Star Battle: Melee (Normal or higher) – The character of your choice against eight Melee characters. They're Ganondorf, Mr. Game & Watch, Bowser, Marth, Zelda, Sheik, Falco, Peach, and Roy. (Ha, just kidding, Roy's never coming back.) You'll fight them on an Omega stage with no items, two at a time. It's a straightforward battle, and you have two lives, so it shouldn't be too tough. If you can beat All-Star mode, you can beat this.

Below the Belt (Hard within 60 seconds) – You're fighting a giant wire frame Little Mac and regular Little Mac is cowering in the ring. I wish I could say it's easy to use this walk-off stage to your advantage, but Big Mac is too preoccupied with Little Mac to be lured away easily. If he knocks Little Mac out, you lose. The time limit for the reward is 60 seconds, but honestly, if you're going to finish this event at all, you're going to finish it much faster than that. Taking your time and being cautious is not an option. You basically have two options: You rough him up by keeping the heat on him until he inevitably knocks Little Mac away and then finish him off while he's closer to the edge, or you stay close to your pal and assault Big Mac with up smashes whenever he comes close until you knock him out of the top of the stage. He's very predictable and very aggressive, so it's easy to tell where he's going. (He's going to Little Mac.)

Enough with the Kidnapping! (Within 60 seconds) – You'll have to fight Bowser and his spawn while constantly being harassed by other kidnapping things. Boss Galaga only has eyes for you, so dodge it when it swoops down. Nabbit will show up eventually, so mash buttons and move the control stick if he nabs you. He can also nab your foes, which is good news for you. He won't necessarily finish them off, but he can. You'll have to be aggressive if you want to beat the time limit. You have two lives, but try not to die, anyway, because that wastes time.

All-Star Battle: Secret (Normal or higher) – Your opponents this time are Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff, ROB, Luigi, Dr. Mario, Sonic, Ness, and Toon Link. All of these characters were unlockable in previous games, and some of them were completely secret until the game came out (or was leaked). Beat 'em up with the character of your choice. Like the other All-Star battles, this is pretty simple. You have two lives and there are no gimmicks. And you fight them two at a time. Just give 'em what for, however you usually go about that.

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