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Once you meet the unlock conditions for a character, they'll challenge you to a battle the next time you complete Classic mode, or a round in Smash. You must defeat them in a one-stock battle before they'll be playable. If you lose, don't worry too much. You won't have to meet the requirements again. They'll show up again next time you play a round of Smash. There are two ways to unlock each character. One is to play a certain number of Smash matches. The other differs by character. Below is a list of unlockable characters, along with the number of Smash matches required to unlock them, and their alternate unlock requirements.

  • 10 – Falco – Complete Classic mode on any difficulty level.
  • 20 – Wario – Complete 100-Man Smash.
  • 30 – Lucina – Complete Classic mode on 5.5 intensity or higher.
  • 40 – Dark Pit – Complete All-Star Mode on Normal or higher.
  • 50 – Dr. Mario – Complete a Master Orders ticket rated Hard or higher.
  • 60 – R.O.B. – Complete 10 turns or more in Crazy Orders.
  • 80 – Mr. Game & Watch – Complete Classic mode with 5 characters.
  • 100 – Duck Hunt – Get one KO in Cruel Smash.


Stages are unlocked by clearing challenges. Three are unlocked by clearing specific Events. You can complete the events on any difficulty level. If you just want to get in and unlock the stages and get out, clear the first event, then go right, up, right, and up.

  • Kongo Jungle 64 – Clear "The Original Heavyweights" event.
  • Smashville – Clear the "Playing Tricks" event.
  • Pokemon Stadium 2 – Clear the "Lightning Strikes" event.
  • PAC-LAND – Play on all three maps in Smash Tour.
  • Flat Zone X – As Mr. Game & Watch, destroy 100 blocks in a game of Trophy Rush.
  • Duck Hunt – Get one KO in Cruel Smash.

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