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Now all that's left to do is face the Enchantress herself. You've bested each of the Order of No Quarter twice, so you should be ready for the final showdown.

Shovel Knight screenshot - Tower of Fate: ????Shovel Knight screenshot - Tower of Fate: ????

Perform a downward thrust on the ledge below you and it will fall away in a shambles. Then you'll plunge down a long shaft and finally reach a base at the bottom.

Here, there are four solid ledges hanging over a pool of bubbling lava. There also are a bunch of incidental blocks, and they will start breaking away in groups and flying toward you. Leap into the air and use downward shovel strikes to eliminate the low ones, and let the high ones fly harmlessly over your head. Be careful that you're not knocked off a perch. When the last of the blocks come away, they do so from the wall to the right, and that allows you to proceed in that direction.

Shovel Knight screenshot - Tower of Fate: ????Shovel Knight screenshot - Tower of Fate: ????

You'll drop to another room. This one is very black. As you start toward the right, you'll notice that old blocks fall behind and new ones launch upward and settle into place ahead of you. This is a dangerous area, because you have to feel your way through it. Don't just dash. Slowly walk, and watch for blocks to come ahead of you. If none do, edge to the far right side of your current block. You may have to take a leap of faith to the right, to land on another block that will come up as you go.

Eventually, you'll see purple torches flicker to life in the background. There are several of these, and you can go ahead and rush forward to the far right side of the area. Continue walking right from there, into the next screen, and you'll tag a checkpoint. Walk right from there to reach the area boss battle.

The Enchantress

This fight takes place in a room with a floor made out of blocks. They are destructible, but you don't want to destroy them because there is a pit beneath you.

Shovel Knight screenshot - Tower of Fate: ????Shovel Knight screenshot - Tower of Fate: ????

While you may want to retain your footing, the Enchantress has no such requirements. She can and will fly around the area, launching fireballs at you. It's not difficult to jump over the fireballs early on, then use a Propeller Dagger attack to hit her in the face.

As the attack proceeds, the Enchantress will zip down to the bottom of the screen and will launch more powerful fireballs in vertical lines that eliminate blocks. As the fight wears on, she also fires them in diagonal paths that are harder to avoid.

Those fireballs would be the end of you, except sometimes the Enchantress calls up waves of magic. They track your movement and wash upward. If you're playing smart, you'll get in position near the edge of a gap. The magic will restore blocks wherever it connects, but you should jump as it does so or you'll take damage.

Try not to take too long to chip away at the last of your foe's life meter, as she's most dangerous near the end of the battle. Soon, you should triumph.

A scene follows and your life is restored. You'll continue from this point if you should happen to die in the next battle (which is also the last).

The Enchantress: Final Form

Now the Enchantress appears behind you and fills up most of the screen. Fortunately, you have Shield Knight to help you for this final battle. She instructs you to stay close to her, which is good advice. She'll help you win the battle.

Shovel Knight screenshot - Tower of Fate: ????Shovel Knight screenshot - Tower of Fate: ????

The Enchantress begins by shooting waves of magic in a column. They crisscross back and forth, and it's difficult to avoid taking damage at this point even if Shield Knight is near you. Just keep moving, sticking close to your friend, until she jumps up and holds the shield upright. You can launch up to that shield and bounce with downward strikes, rebounding up so that you get high enough to hit the Enchantress on the head.

Once you hit the Enchantress on the head, don't stop. Try to follow her as she moves left or right, and you should be able to land a few blows before tumbling back to the blocks. Be prepared to fall in with your friend once more, as she can block a powerful blast that the Enchantress is likely to level toward you. Note that the Enchantress also likes to drop down along the background and produce a hole in the floor, so you should be ready to bounce from a shield and hit her at that point. Just be careful not to fall into the new hole.

If you keep up this pattern throughout the fight and make sure to make the most of each opportnity to get above the Enchantress and apply some downward shovel action, the battle should go fairly well for you and finally you will taste sweet victory.

The ending will play and you will receive the "Victory" feat. Then the game's closing credits will roll. Congratulations!

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