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There are four "wandering travelers" that will appear on the map when certain conditions are met. They seem to arrive naturally as you defeat members of the Order of No Quarter and purchase upgrades and such. If you are thus engaged, you will meet all of the wandering travelers before you have cleared the game, and you will earn loot each time you win a battle. The "Well Met" feat will also be yours, once you have defeated all of the travelers.

I'm not sure if the travelers always appear in the same order or not. I am listing them below in the order in which I met them, but your experience could differ.


Reize appears on the map as a blue-haired knight, and is the first wandering traveler you are likely to meet.

Reize moves very quickly and like to jump in the air, then cause whirling blades to materialize. At that point, the blades will come flying toward you, while Reize dashes around the area. It's hard to completely avoid taking damage, but you can (as usual) rely on your Phase Locket to shrug off the worst of the attacks.

Shovel Knight screenshot - Wandering TravelersShovel Knight screenshot - Wandering Travelers

Of course, you only have a limited number of times to use that locket, so you should be focusing on moving in close to your opponent and striking repeatedly at every opportunity. Watch also for Reize to create a circle of fire. You don't want to run into it from the side, but you seem to be able to bounce from Reize's head without taking damage at that point, and it's a good way to behave until the fire shield is gone.

Continue pressing the attack and using the Phase Locket occasionally. As long as you're sticking to your task, you should have a relatively easy time of it with this battle.

When you win, you'll receive 1500 gold, some gems, and a Music Sheet. Then you will be returned to the world map.


A golden knight appears on the map during a certain phase of your journey. For me, he appeared after I purchased the golden armor from Armor Outpost, so I wouldn't be surprised if that act was related.

Shovel Knight screenshot - Wandering TravelersShovel Knight screenshot - Wandering Travelers

When you touch the golden knight's icon from the world map, you'll trigger a scene that leads to a boss battle.

Baz is a rather tough opponent, who can take a lot of damage and also can deal it quite capably. Not only that, but it's tough to hit him except during a few key moments in the battle.

Shovel Knight screenshot - Wandering TravelersShovel Knight screenshot - Wandering Travelers

Typically, Baz will start by heading toward you and lashing out with his whip weapon. It has a good range, so be ready for that. I find that it's easiest to attack from a distance early in the fight, by tossing fireballs.

Baz then likes to leap up and use his whip to hang from one of the overhead pegs (there are two). He'll swing back and forth, then drop down. When he lands, you want to be in the air so you don't take damage. He sends a shockwave to either side. From there, he may leap up to a peg again, or try to rush you.

Later in the fight, Baz will also summon a lightning bolt that fires off in four directions. You can move in close and try to hit him a few times, but you should almost always use horizontal strikes unless he is stunned from a crash landing. If he's not, he'll just swing his whip around overhead and prevent you from doing damage.

Once you outlast your foe, you'll receive 2000 gold and he'll express his displeasure with the way things went. You can exit to the world map and continue your adventure.

Black Knight

You will eventually have the opportunity to fight the Black Knight again. He appears on the map and you will see a short scene when you cross paths. Then it's time for a fight.

You battled Black Knight at the beginning of the introductory stage, and not a whole lot has changed.

Shovel Knight screenshot - Wandering TravelersShovel Knight screenshot - Wandering Travelers

For the most part, Black Knight uses the same attacks as always, but in an ever-so-slightly more lethal form. For instance, he will fire a series of pink blasts at you, rather than a single one. However, he still likes to use his four downward thrust attacks in a row, and they're just as easy to avoid as always.

One new attack involves digging at the soil and tossing dirt at you, but it's easy to avoid. For the most part, spend what time you can in the air. You can also use the Dust Buster move to inflict damage if you like, but that shouldn't even prove necessary. By hopping around a lot, you'll avoid most attacks, and by sticking close to your opponent, you will have numerous opportunities to attack and to make sure that the fight doesn't last long enough for your life meter to be in jeopardy.

Once you win, collect your (not particularly great) reward and return to the world map.

Phantom Striker

The Phantom Striker encounter occurs when you bump into the gold-colored, spikey-haired knight on the world map. He looks like a yellower version of the Statue of Liberty.

Phantom Striker attacks with lightning attacks, and with regular fencing skills. He'll start toward you with a few weak thrusts, and you can jump to avoid them, then come down with a downward thrust of your shovel.

Shovel Knight screenshot - Wandering TravelersShovel Knight screenshot - Wandering Travelers

Once you hit Phantom Striker a time or two, he will either start moving left or right (in which case you can follow along) or he will summon the aforementioned bolt from above. Although the bolt is always a real concern, it only does moderate damage and the risk is worth it. You can sometimes get in four or five hits with your shovel before a bolt will hit you, which means your foe's meter will be draining a lot more quickly than yours does.

You can also use regular horizontal strikes to attack, or your special abilities, but none of that should even prove necessary. Phantom Striker is one of the easier opponents you'll face, all things considered.

You'll receive 3000 gold as a reward for your victory over Phantom Striker.

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