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Start right and stand near the far side of the icy ledge that extends from the main land mass (where the old guy is standing).

Shovel Knight screenshot - Frigid FlightShovel Knight screenshot - Frigid Flight

From that ledge, you can jump toward the right and then use your Propeller Dagger to launch across the gap to the far side, collecting gems in the process. Open the chest on the other side of the gap for some gems, then pass to the next screen.

Here, there is a green brush positioned along the side of an icy ledge. You can stab it to make it launch into the air. Then jump up and bounce from it and use your same move to launch across the gap. There, you'll find more shrubs and also some blocks of ice hanging in the air. Destroy them for gems, and then look out toward the right. You are looking along a wide gap with a floating enemy ahead.

Shovel Knight screenshot - Frigid FlightShovel Knight screenshot - Frigid Flight

You need to hit the nearby shrub, then bounce from it and fly out toward the right, before coming down with a shovel strike. Rebound from that enemy, then when you are in the air, hold to the right and use your move once more. Rebound from a second of the floating enemies and up into a gap to the upper right. Now pass through to the next screen.

In this room, there are gaps with a low ceiling. You can use your ability to slide across each gap safely. On the far side, break through ice and drop down and to the right, where a skeleton is waiting on a snowy ledge. Bounce from his head and continue right, along some icy elevator ledges. Ascend as you go and use your move to clear a gap along the way. You will lose some elevation, but it won't matter if you start out high enough. Destroy the icy block near the right side of the area, then drop through the space that creates and head to the right.

Shovel Knight screenshot - Frigid FlightShovel Knight screenshot - Frigid Flight

In this area, there is a blue enemy traveling back and forth along a pit, on the opposite side of a bed of spikes. You need to jump into the air and slash over to the right as the enemy is starting back toward the left. Use your move to clear the spikes, then drop to the enemy and bounce from his head. Use the Propeller Dagger move again to reach a ladder to the right.

Head to the second ladder and climb to its top, then drop right to grab the gems. Return to the ladder and climb to the top again. This time, start to drop right and immediately use your dash move to fly into the next screen. If your timing was right, you'll land on a high ledge and can open a chest for some gems.

Shovel Knight screenshot - Frigid FlightShovel Knight screenshot - Frigid Flight

Continue toward the right and you'll need to hop onto a snowy ledge that is rising and falling, just to the right of solid ground. Let it reach its high point, then use an air dash move to fly toward the right, toward a spike-lined ledge waiting in that direction.

Be ready to use several consecutive dashes to carry you far enough right that you pass over the spikes. You'll land on a ledge with a chest and a Music Sheet. Grab the sheet, then open the chest for the gems. Snag those, then exit stage right to return to the world map.

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