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This is the game's hub area, where you can gain additional abilities and upgrades. Start through the village and you'll learn that you can press 'Up' to talk to people who pass. There are quite a few people running to and fro, but most of them don't have much worth saying except to set the scene.

Shovel Knight screenshot - VillageShovel Knight screenshot - Village

One exception to that rule is the Bard, who stands near the stone fountain along the right side of the area. When you talk to him, he'll explain that he has lost his music sheets. They're spread throughout the land. You should already have a few of them in your possession, actually, if you've been following this guide.

You will be offered 500 gold for each sheet, which you should accept. Then you can head right to the next portion of the village. There, you can talk to the Goatician and he will offer to let you purchase a Meal Ticket. The cost is 1000 gold. You should have several times that amount by now, just from playing through the introductory stage. You'll activate the "First Purchase" feat when you make the investment.

Shovel Knight screenshot - VillageShovel Knight screenshot - Village

Now you can jump onto the platform over the goat (head around its right side, or you'll just bump your head) and press 'Up' to talk to the Gastronomer who is cooking in his lab. He'll cook up a fancy dish and set it on the table. Hop onto the table and hit it with your shovel, then scarf it down to extend your meter by one. Note that it's possible to purchase a second meal ticket from the Goatician for 4500 gold if you have the money, but you may also do well to save your funds for the Magicist to the right, or you may want to head down the ladder near the right side of the screen.

Left from that ladder, you can find people who will eventually have rewards for you. To the far left, Grandma Swamp waits to offer up statistics about your game performance. You can also hack the wall to her left to reveal a hidden room and play a mini-game with Mona that finds you hitting falling magic vials toward targets for points. The game costs 100 gold per attempt and if you do well, you'll win gems worth at least that much. Jump and hit the blocks at the targets floating on the ceiling for the most points, and don't miss any of the red vials that make it easier to score big points. Try to score more than 150 points to unlock the "Juggler" feat and to earn a Music Sheet.

Meanwhile, if you head to the right from the ladder, you can meet an agent of the Troupple King, standing on a pile of barrels. He sells Troupple Chalice items for 1500 gold apiece, if you're interested. You can take them with you to the Troupple Pond area, elsewhere on the world map.

Shovel Knight screenshot - VillageShovel Knight screenshot - Village

To the right from the guy who sells the chalices, you can purchase a Chaos Sphere for 2500 gold (an orb of boundless potential) or a Fishing Rod for 1250 gold (cast into a pit, and wait for a bite), from a fellow named Chester.

Return left and climb the ladder, then head to the right. You'll see more people wandering not far from a house. You should also spot a Music Sheet on the roof. To get to it, jump on the rod the woman is using to carry water on her shoulders, then to the lower fruit stand roof, then up to the housetop for the note. If you drop down off the roof and continue to the right from there, you'll exit the village and return to the world map, but you can always come back once you have more resources (and of course, you should).

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