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Mega Man X3 screenshot - Doppler Stage 4

More bosses! But first, some Ganseki Carriers and Walk Blasters. Then a ladder. Then a wall. THEN bosses.


Mega Man X3 screenshot - Doppler Stage 4

Sigma has an intimidating new body. His shield will block attacks. He'll mostly alternate between shooting a flurry of six fireballs at you, which crawl along the floor or wall if they hit them, or jumping into the air and shooting those same fireballs straight down or diagonally. His fireballs come out at different heights, some of which are high enough to avoid by standing or dashing, others of which you'll have to jump over. They come out low, high, mid, low, high, mid. Jump over the low ones, stand under the high ones, and dash under the mid ones. Alternatively, just double upwards air dash over the whole works of them. Use the wall to get some height if you want, but remember that the fireballs will climb the walls so you're not safe up there. His weakness is the Spinning Blade and it's easy to hit him with it when he jumps. He won't be guarding while he's attacking. You can take him down with two Beam Saber hits. Hit him with it when he jumps. After you drain half of his health, he'll start throwing his shield at you like he's Captain America or something. Try your best not to use your Sub Tanks because the next boss is cheap and terrible. Seriously.

Kaiser Sigma

Mega Man X3 screenshot - Doppler Stage 4

To Robot Hell with this guy. Someone got the memo that X2's final boss was laughably weak, because this guy is the other side of the spectrum. His attacks come out in big flurries so you'll probably have to deal with multiple projectiles at the same time. Your X Buster is the only weapon that damages him. You can use your arm chip for rapid charged shots if you want. The real problem is that his weak point is his head, which is surrounded by large parts that absorb blasts, especially charged ones. Hitting him with regular shots is easier but still a pain. He'll fire small circular bombs that travel slowly and bounce off or crawl along walls, or homing missiles from his shoulders. Both of those attacks can be destroyed with your X Buster. He can shoot a huge laser beam that spreads out and takes up a chunk of the screen. This laser will continue to damage you while you stand in it, so if it hits you, get out of the way. He'll start near the back of the room, then float up and over to the left and land, then float up again and over to the right and land again. You can dash under his feet pretty easily when he's in the air. He's not much easier to hit from behind than he is from the front, though. If you can manage to hit him with the Beam Saber, you'll do a lot of damage to him, but good luck with that. It comes out slowly so it's difficult to aim and his tiny head. Get higher than his head and fire it while you're above him, since you'll drop before it will actually come out.

If you manage to take him down, you're not done yet.

Sigma Virus

Mega Man X3 screenshot - Doppler Stage 4

Sigma's true form. You won't actually have to fight him, but he will flood the room with... lava? You'll have to climb out of there. Be careful of the uneven walls. Use upward air dashes to get past the edges. This weird floating Sigma head will bump into you to try to knock you into the lava. If you have the body enhancement chip or the gold chip, it actually won't do much damage if you fall in. You might as well use any remaining sub tanks you might be fortunate enough to have. This part is pretty short, but if you manage to die, you'll have to do both of the previous boss battles again and your sub tanks won't be refilled. That would be frustrating.

Once you're out, you'll get an ending! What happens next depends on whether Zero is active or not. By getting the Beam Saber you'll actually get a less-than-ideal ending, but you also get a sweet laser sword so who even cares?

Mega Man X3 screenshot - Doppler Stage 4Mega Man X3 screenshot - Doppler Stage 4

Man, these games have weird endings.

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