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Mega Man X3 screenshot - Gravity Beetle

Gravity Beetle is second from the top right. Head right and destroy the Head Gunner. Head inside to deal with some more Head Gunners.

Heart Tank

Mega Man X3 screenshot - Gravity Beetle

You probably won't be able to get this your first time here, but after you clear the Blast Hornet stage, these blocks all over the place will disappear, including the ones blocking off the heart tank.

Head right, then up over the boxes (if this is your first time here) and right some more, then up the ladders. Next is the maybe-empty room. Head through and up the ladder.

Frog Ride Armor

Mega Man X3 screenshot - Gravity Beetle

Climb the wall on the left, jump off, and use an upward air dash to reach the platform with the Ride Armor on it. The Frog Ride Armor is only really useful underwater, meaning he's only useful in one or two areas in the whole game. It doesn't walk on land so much as it hops. It fires torpedoes that impotently fall to the ground after travelling a short distance. Underwater, though, it can swim using the dash button and its torpedoes will home in on nearby enemies.

Head right and up, dealing with the familiar enemies and a new one.


Mega Man X3 screenshot - Gravity Beetle

This robot clearly used to be a little girl's pet ("I'll call him Blady because he's got all those blades!"), and now he just rolls along trying to stab you. The blades won't actually appear until you shoot them, but they can still roll into you and damage you.

Continue right and then down the ladder. Hop on the elevator and ride it up past the Head Gunners. They're guarding power ups you can grab, including a 1up. Head all the way up and through the door.

Mega Man X3 screenshot - Gravity Beetle

The Ride Armor platform is directly above. Go up there and grab a Ride Armor (preferably the Hawk Ride Armor) if you want the enhancement chip here. Otherwise, head right. These platforms will collapse under you so dash, dash, dash. Head right and destroy the Notor Bangers, climb up (tricky in the wrong Ride Armor) and fight the Head Gunners.

Arm Enhancement Chip

Mega Man X3 screenshot - Gravity Beetle

Use a Ride Armor to destroy this wall. The chip is behind it. This converts damage you take into a energy for a special weapon. This weapon fires continuous charged shots without having to actually charge them. It alternates between the special arm parts charged shots and regular large charged shots, so you continuously combine them. Still, it's better to wait for the gold chip.

Head up past the enemies and into the boss door.

Gravity Beetle

Mega Man X3 screenshot - Gravity Beetle

This guy's a little weird.

The Hard Way

Gravity Beetle is slow. He hops around and fires bouncing gravity orbs around the room. If he glows, it means he's going to charge at you, so jump off a wall and over him. This attack does a lot of damage and you can't damage him while he's doing it. In fact, all of his attacks do a lot of damage, but they're mostly pretty slow and easy to avoid. When his health is low, he'll create a giant gravity field near the top of the screen. Don't touch it.

The Easy Way

Use the Ray Splasher. It will interrupt his attacks. Otherwise, fight him normally.

Gravity Well

This weapon is nuts. It can completely destroy certain enemies by crushing them in a field of gravity. It won't do anything against most bosses. If you charge it, you'll unleash a giant field of gravity that lifts enemies into the sky. Whoah.

What's Next?

Head to Volt Catfish's stage and finally get that sweet body upgrade that will reduce your damage. This is your last chance to fight Vile! You have to do it now, before you face your final Maverick. Fill your sub tanks and head to one of the teleporters to head to his stage. Check the Vile section of the guide for help.

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