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Mega Man X3 screenshot - Crush Crawfish

Another fish?? This stage is second from the bottom left on the map. All of the secrets in this stage are near the start. Take out the flying enemies and head right and then down. (Or down and then right. Whatever blows your skirt up.)

Hawk Robot Ride

Mega Man X3 screenshot - Crush Crawfish

See the part where there seems to be an empty space below a section of the floor? Stand on it and use the arm parts to charge a Triad Thunder to break it. You'll drop down and get the Hawk Ride Armor. This Ride Armor can float using the thrusters on its back. It can also fire missiles from its hands. You'll need the Chimera Ride Armor from Blast Hornet's stage to use this.

You can head back up and dash jump to the right to collect two large energy pickups if you want. If you have the Chimera Ride Armor, head left to the pad to summon any of the Ride Armors you have, except the useless Fish one. You'll need one for the next two secrets. Head down and right until you see an enemy crash through the floor.

Heart Tank

Mega Man X3 screenshot - Crush Crawfish

Go down through this new hole, landing on the broken platforms on the right until you see a cracked wall. Punch it with a Ride Armor to break it. The heart tank is inside. It looks like you'd be able to break this wall with a Drill Fang, but you can't.

Head down, hugging the right wall.

Hamma Hamma

Mega Man X3 screenshot - Crush Crawfish

These brutes extend two spiked balls directly at X. These balls will block your attacks if you hit them. They have limited reach and the Hamma Hamma won't be able to hit you if you're far enough away, or behind them, like you should be right now. They take a decent amount of damage, but can be taken out in a couple of shots with Triad Thunder.

Body Enhancement Chip

Mega Man X3 screenshot - Crush Crawfish

Head right and down the hole. You'll see a cracked block. This is another thing you'll need a Ride Armor to break. This enhancement chip will further reduce the damage you take from attacks and extend the duration of your forcefield. Remember! You can only have one chip, and you'll be most powerful if you wait for the Gold Chip after beating all of the Mavericks.

Go right and through the empty room. You'll make another new friend.

Walk Blaster

Mega Man X3 screenshot - Crush Crawfish

These guys bend over backwards and shoot lasers at you. When they're bent down, your regular shots will go right over their heads, though charged shots can still hit them. These guys actually have a secret. If you destroy them with an Acid Burst, they'll always drop a small or large weapon energy pickup. If you destroy them with the Frost Shield, they'll always drop a small or large health pickup. Keep that in mind.


Head down to the health pickup and you'll fall through the floor if you haven't beaten Vile yet. The teleporter is in this room. Climb back out if you don't want to fight him yet.

Head right and down the ladder to deal with some Walk Blasters and Wall Cancers. Go down some more and right and over the gap to fight a couple of Hamma Hammas on top of a ship of some kind. It's very easy to dash jump over the second one. Take him out to open a hole to drop down into.

Mega Man X3 screenshot - Crush Crawfish

If you want some health, head down and left under the conveyer belts. Don't bother to go right from here, though. Head back up and right across the conveyer belts and fight the flying enemies. On the far right you'll see two 1ups behind a wall. You can destroy the wall with a Tunnel Fang. Drop down past the conveyer belts and Hamma Hamma. Hold right so you don't fall into the spiked pit. There's nothing for you between this point and the point with the health, so just head right.

Mega Man X3 screenshot - Crush Crawfish

This isn't a boss! Just shoot it a few times and the entire ship will turn on its side. Head up past the Wall Cancers and Walk Blaster to reach the boss room. (Remember you can farm health from the Walk Blaster if you need it.)

Crush Crawfish

Mega Man X3 screenshot - Crush Crawfish

This guy's claws do a lot of damage. Don't let him touch you. He's really hard without his weakness if you don't know how to exploit his simple AI.

The Hard Way

Seriously, keep your distance. He'll reach out and grab you and crush you with his claws to do a lot of damage. He can fire his claws out a short distance diagonally or horizontally, too. He can shoot little brown things that don't damage you but will knock you off of the wall you're clinging to. If you spend too much time on the ground, he'll charge at you and grab you. You don't want that. You can get him caught in a pattern where he'll knock you down from the wall, fire his claw up diagonally (missing you completely) giving you time to climb back up before he knocks you down again. Shoot him when you land and keep this pattern going.

The Easy Way

Climb the wall and use Triad Thunder. If the electric bolts don't hit him, the sparks will. There's a super secret way to kill him very quickly if you have the arm parts. Get as far from him as possible and fire your Triad Thunder and hold the shoot button. Hit him with the sparks and, while he's flashing, unleash a fully charged Triad Thunder. For some reason, this will take him down in one attack if he's flashing!

Spinning Blade

Fire two disks directly in front of you, which turn and go backwards, one moving up and one moving down. This is very useful against enemies in specific hard-to-reach places and nearly useless against other enemies. Firing it up close will cause both blades to hit a single enemy. Not great for bosses but handy for some regular enemies. The charged version sends out a spinning blade on a tether that will hover in front of X. Pressing up or down on the dpad will cause it to rotate around X. If it hits an enemy it doesn't destroy, it will bounce off and fly away.

What's Next?

Probably nothing that you couldn't have done before entering this stage. Let's just go to Neon Tiger's stage. If this was your fifth Maverick battle, Byte will start randomly appearing in the empty boss rooms of uncleared Maverick stages. He might show up in the next stage, so be careful.

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