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Missing an upgrade? Let's figure out what it is and where to find it. Refer to the stage walkthrough pages for more details on finding each upgrade. Each Maverick stage holds either one sub tank or one upgrade capsule.

Heart Tanks

Heart Tanks increase the capacity of your health meter. There's one Heart Tank hidden in each of the Maverick stages, for a total of eight. Once you have six, your health meter will be about the same size as the weapon meter, so all eight will make it a bit larger than that.

Sub Tanks

There are four Sub Tanks to be found. When you collect a health pickup when your health meter is full, it's stored in a Sub Tank for later use. These are very handy as they effectively quintuple your maximum health. Here's where to find them:

  • Wire Sponge Stage
  • Bubble Crab Stage – Requires Bubble Splash
  • Flame Stag Stage
  • Magna Centipede Stage

X Upgrade Capsules

These (mostly) super useful upgrades will give X new permanent skills and attributes. Definitely collect all of these, even if you don't want to bother with the Heart Tanks or Sub Tanks.

  • Leg Parts – Overdrive Ostrich Stage. Requires Spin Wheel. Allows X to dash in the air.
  • Body Parts – Morph Moth Stage. Requires Spin Wheel. Lowers damage received and absorbs it to charged a special weapon.
  • Head Parts – Crystal Snail Stage. Helps locate secrets.
  • Arm Parts – Wheel Gator Stage. Requires leg parts. Lets X store two charged shots at a time. Also allows him to charge special weapons.
  • Shoryuken – X-Hunter Stage 3. Requires everything. Does massive damage to any enemy.

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