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Mega Man X2 screenshot - X-Hunter Stage 5

It's... Magna Centipede's stage? Yes, the last few bosses are fought in a stage you've already visited. Nothing has really changed, so make your way to the room where you fought the miniboss the first time you were here.


Mega Man X2 screenshot - X-Hunter Stage 5

It's Sigma! And Zero! If you failed to defeat all of the X-Hunters and reclaim Zero's parts, you'll have to fight him. He's significantly tougher than the two bosses that follow him, so he's probably the best boss to use your sub tanks on. Zero uses a one-two-three combo of two charged shots followed by a powerful sword slash that sends out an energy wave. He can dash at you with a sword slash, or smash his fist into the floor, sending debris flying all over the place. If you're on the ground when he hits it, you'll take damage. You can lock him in this pattern relatively easily. Wall jump when he's shooting, then air dash over him when he dashes, land far from him (AFTER his fist hits the ground) and shoot him, then climb the wall again to restart the pattern. He can block your shots, so it's best to attack him while he's busy doing something else. You only fight Zero if you didn't collect all of his parts, so if you're fighting him, you don't have the Shoryuken.

If you did collect all of the parts, this Zero will be an impostor. The real Zero will will come and destroy it, probably for diluting his brand.

Neo Sigma

Mega Man X2 screenshot - X-Hunter Stage 5

This is the second last battle. The fight after this one is laughably easy, so go nuts with the sub tanks if you need them. He has claws. He'll wall jump into the air, disappear, and reappear directly above you to dive down on you. Dash out of the way. As soon as he lands, he might charge at you. Climb the wall to avoid this. (That's not the only time he can charge at you, but it's when he'll do it more often.) Get too close and he might send you flying into a wall. If he releases five energy balls, they'll fly at you one by one. Use wall jumps to easily dodge them. His attacks aren't really that tough to dodge. If you shoot him while he's slashing, his claws will block your shots. Just shoot charged shots when you have an opening. The best time is right after he dives at you (quickly jump to the wall immediately after firing), or when the energy balls surround him. After he takes enough damage, he'll start shooting walls of electricity at you. Wall jump over these.

With some skill/luck, you might be able to Shoryuken him when he jumps into the air.

Sigma Virus

Mega Man X2 screenshot - X-Hunter Stage 5

Oh my god, so easy. He can make weak enemies spawn, which means you might actually finish this battle with more life energy than you started, because they will sometimes drop it. He's more likely to damage you by bumping into you. He can fire a laser beam straight down and sweep across the floor. Climb a wall and jump over him to avoid it. He's weak to the Strike Chain. Just spam it at him to take him down. He can disappear and reappear in a different spot in the room, sometimes directly on top of you, so dash when he disappears. If he appears around you (so that X is inside of him) you'll take some damage, but you can just smack him with that Strike Chain. He doesn't have a life bar, but he'll gradually change colours from blue, to purple, to red as his life goes down. He'll move a bit faster each time he takes damage, but he'll still be a total chump.

The most difficult thing about him is that you can't kill him with one Shoryuken. It'll just take a massive chunk of his life. Oh no.

After this battle, congratulations! You've won. Enjoy the ending. See you in Mega Man X3.

Mega Man X2 screenshot - X-Hunter Stage 5

If you know what he's talking about, you're probably a pretty hardcore Mega Man fan.

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