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Mega Man X2 screenshot - X-Hunter Stage 1

These last few stages will bring some of the toughest platforming sections in the game. You should really make sure your sub tanks are full before attempting them. You can refill your sub tanks between stages, so use them when you need them, especially if you're having trouble with a boss.

Head right and deal with the weak flying enemies you find as you descend into the first stage. Keep an eye out for a ledge on the right. It holds a 1up. You'll reach an area with a floating platform over a spiked pit, like the ones you encountered in Wheel Gator's stage. Use charged shots to take out the Scrivers that jump up at you.

Mega Man X2 screenshot - X-Hunter Stage 1

You'll climb a ladder and reach an area where the walls are closing in, just like in the intro stage. Don't waste any time, just climb straight up. Simple. Head left and up the steps, past the Barrier Attackers, to another, more complicated area with closing walls. This area zig zags a litle. You'll have to switch between the left and right walls to effectively climb. Dash jumps come in very handy.

Climb the ladders and deal with the Aclandas on the way. (Remember the Magnet Mine is great for these.) You'll reach yet another area with walls that want to crush you. This one's just another straight line, though.

Mega Man X2 screenshot - X-Hunter Stage 1

The path branches here.

Mega Man X2 screenshot - X-Hunter Stage 1

If you head down, you'll fight some crash roaders and eventually come to a large health pickup and a 1up. Climb a ladder to find some Barite Lastars grappling on to some floating platforms. The walls are electrified so you'll have to take out the enemies and climb the platforms to ascend. Once you reach the top, climb the ladder and head right.

Mega Man X2 screenshot - X-Hunter Stage 1

Alternatively, you can head right at the crossroads for a shorter, easier, simpler section, but there's no health pickup or 1up this way. There are claws (again, like in the first stage) that will try to throw you down into the lower path but they're easy to avoid by holding right and just wall jumping when they let go of you, or just air dashing over them in the first place.

Whichever way you go, both paths converge on another are where the walls close in. This one is crooked like the second one, so use your dash jumps to make it to the top. Use a Magnet Mine on the Aclanda here and head through the boss door.


Mega Man X2 screenshot - X-Hunter Stage 1

The other two X-Hunters will appear in alternate forms, but Violen is more or less the same now as he was the first time. The only difference is that this time he can make blocks appear in random spots in the air. His ball and chain will bounce off of these blocks the same way they do walls. This makes his attack less predictable, but these blocks can also be used as cover. He will sometimes stand on the blocks, which is something you can also do. The blocks themselves are harmless. Bubble Splash is still his weakness, but its short range and low speed still makes it kind of useless. He was tough the first time and he's tough now. On the plus side, this is the level boss, so you don't have to worry about saving your sub tanks. You can fill them up right after.

What's Next?

Fill up any sub tanks that need filling and head back in.

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