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Mega Man X2 screenshot - Magna Centipede

This level requires the arm upgrade and Speed Burner for both of its secrets. Good thing we have them. Right away we'll see a new twist on an old enemy.

Barrier Attacker

Mega Man X2 screenshot - Magna Centipede

You can't damage these guys from the front with regular shots. At least, not at first. Hit them with a charged shot to dispel their barrier, then follow up with a couple of quick regular shots to finish them off. Keep in mind that they're bulletproof above and below their red eye. Continue right for another new enemy.


Mega Man X2 screenshot - Magna Centipede

These blocks will fall to the floor and start shooing at you, but only if you touch one of the spotlights. Before they activate, they're harmless and you can climb on them, which is something you'll need to know in a minute.

Heart Tank

Mega Man X2 screenshot - Magna Centipede

You'll need to successfully avoid the spotlights to get this heart tank. Continue to the right, using the blind spots. The last one will require a well-timed dash to make it through. Once you've past them all, you'll see a hole in the ceiling. You'll need to jump off the ledge on the right and use a fully charged Speed Burner to make it to the block, then wall jump up.


Mega Man X2 screenshot - Magna Centipede

Beware the Installers in the next area. They move and can crush you to death instantly if you're not careful. We're just going to call them "blocks" for the sake of simplicity, and because that's really all they are. The purple ones can be destroyed. It's generally best to stand back and wait for them to stop moving before proceeding. They won't block you out of accessing anything.

Mega Man X2 screenshot - Magna Centipede

After the second set of blocks with a purple block, dash under the block in the ceiling and then grab the wall you see and wait for the next block to pass under you. You don't want to get caught between them. Next a purple block will try to push you back into the path of another purple block that will kill you. Jump over this block quickly, or destroy it if you're not fast enough. Just don't stay next to the previous gray block.

Mega Man X2 screenshot - Magna Centipede

When this block drops from the ceiling, jump onto the block on the left. Don't get between it and the one that will come at you from the right. Stand back and let the next group of blocks finish filling the hole.

Sub Tank

Mega Man X2 screenshot - Magna Centipede

Stand on the upper ledge next to the pit, jump, air dash, and then unleashed a fully charged Speed Burner to hit the wall, climb it, and grab the final sub tank. Alternatively, dash past the last hole that gets filled up with blocks (try not to get killed) and ride the block on the other side that comes down from the ceiling, using it to reach the spot with the sub tank.

Chop Register

Mega Man X2 screenshot - Magna Centipede

This miniboss is a wire frame sword. It can spin, slash, thrust, and generally move like you expect a sentient sword to move. The green blade deflects shots and damages you, but the blue hilt is harmless and will be damaged by pretty much any weapon. The Giga Crusher or charged Sonic Slicer are especially effective, able to destroy it in one or two hits.

Continue right and drop down. There are enemies and spotlights here. Avoid the spotlights to make the next area a little easier, but it's not that important.

X-Hunter Room

In the are with the new type of falling blocks, dash to the right as quickly as you can before the blocks cover the door.

Mega Man X2 screenshot - Magna Centipede

Avoid these blocks as best you can, though they don't do too much damage. More importantly, avoid the scanner that appears. It has an effect on the next miniboss. Just dash right as fast as you can and eventually climb the wall you find and it won't catch you.

Raider Killer

Mega Man X2 screenshot - Magna CentipedeMega Man X2 screenshot - Magna Centipede

This miniboss gains more abilities depending on how many times you were scanned. If it's green, its attack pattern is very simple. It will either stand on the ground and shoot one shot at a time at you, or jump into the air and unleash three shots downwards and land again. However, if you got scanned once, it will be blue, it will improve its aim, aiming at X instead of just straight ahead. If it's red, it will try to jump on you, and if it's purple, it can use a shield projectile with its mouth. Each power level it gains will also increase its maximum HP.

The final area before the boss will feature active Bleckers and Installers, as well as collapsing floors. Make use of dash jumps to make it to the far end, and the boss.

Magna Centipede

Mega Man X2 screenshot - Magna Centipede

This guy is a real pain without his weakness.

The Hard Way

Magna Centipede can teleport around the room and stand on the ceiling. His tail can break apart and home in on X. The pieces will spin around X and then stop before closing in. Watch how it stops and then dodge it in the right direction, either by jumping or dashing. He can throw tiny ninja stars in an arc, three at a time, and he can draw you in with magnetism. If he catches you, he might infect you with a virus that will make you unable to charge your shots. Getting grabbed again will further cripple you, reducing your fire rate, jump height, and movement speed. Shoot him with charged shots (or regular shots if that's all you have) when he stops teleporting. Keep in mind that he can teleport more than once in a row, so make sure he's done before you waste a shot.

The Easy Way

The Silk Shot can easily target him when he's on the ceiling or floor, and it will break his tail, getting rid of his magnetic and virus attacks. When he lands on the ceiling, aim the Silk Shot at the floor diagonally down and to the left or right from him. He's pretty much only be able to use his teleporting and ninja stars. Much better.

Magnet Mine

Magnet Mine slowly moves forward. It is VERY strong, taking out even many enemies with a lot of HP, like Aclandas, with one hit. The mines can also stick to walls for a moment before exploding. Charge it to unleash a slow moving magnetic ball. You can use the dpad to move either version of the weapon up or down, but it will always be moving horizontally at a fixed speed.

What's Next?

There's nothing you can do now except head to Crystal Snail's stage. He's the only Maverick left, so let's go.

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