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Mega Man X2 screenshot - Morph Moth

This stage is a junkyard. Lots of clutter and lots of broken-but-not-broken-enough robots litter this level. (Check out the cameos by the Bee Bladers from the first Mega Man X.) You'll quickly find one of those broken robots.

Hanged Reploid

Mega Man X2 screenshot - Morph Moth

Well that's grim. These guys hang lifelessly by their necks. That is, until you pass them, in which case they'll come to life, drop down, and attack you by pitifully jumping towards you. If you shoot them in the body while they're hanging, the head will come to life and shoot at you. If you shoot them in the head, they'll be destroyed. Shooting the energy noose thing will cause them to drop to the ground as though you passed under them.

Deal with a few of these before going inside.

Heart Tank

Mega Man X2 screenshot - Morph Moth

If you have the Crystal Hunter, use it on the Disk Boy right before starting the interior section, then use the frozen Reploid to climb up above the entrance. The heart tank is up here next to a 1up. You won't have the Crystal Hunter yet if you're following this guide, though.

This thing on the ceiling is a magnet, meaning it will help you jump much higher while you're under it. Use this to deal with the Hanged Reploids.

Body Parts

Mega Man X2 screenshot - Morph Moth

Once you pass the large red vertical pillar, fire a Spin Wheel. It will dig into an inconspicuous-looking part of the floor. The body parts are down here. They reduce the damage you take and transfer the damage you take from enemy weapons (and not from direct contact with enemies themselves) into a new weapon meter. Equip it in the pause screen and use it to unleash a large explosion that damages everything on screen. It does barely any damage at all to bosses so don't bother with it then. This weapon charges even when you don't have it equipped.

Continue past some more Hanged Reploids to find a new enemy.

Garakuta Robot

Mega Man X2 screenshot - Morph Moth

This is a Frankenstein's Monster made from a Spiky, a Dig Labor, a Gulpfer, and two Metalls, all of which are enemies who appeared in the first Mega Man X. Thankfully it is lesser than the sum of its parts. It really only moves back and forth. The only noteworthy thing about its behaviour is that it will regenerate if you damage it and don't finish it off.

Use wall jumps, dash jumps, and ladders to make your way up this area full of ledges and Disk Boys. There's a 1up on the top left part of this area. Next you'll come to another magnet with some Hanged Reploids. A single Garakuta Robot, and then a miniboss.

Old Robot and Pararoid S-38

Mega Man X2 screenshot - Morph Moth

This beat up old robot is being controlled by an enemy called a Pararoid S-38, which is an enhanced version of an enemy we haven't met yet. The Old Robot can hover into the air and slam down at X, or just hop around. It can only be damaged by hitting its exposed core. Once it's destroyed, the Pararoid will hunt for another Old Robot, and will find one if you don't finish it off quickly. The Pararoid is super vulnerable to the Speed Burner.

You'll meet a different Pararoid now.

Pararoid V-1

Mega Man X2 screenshot - Morph Moth

This is a Pararoid without wings. It will jump onto your head and try to mess with your controls. He might make you jump, dash, or shoot uncontrollably. You can shake him off by rapidly moving the dpad.

Take out the Hanging Reploid and go down the ladder.

X-Hunter Room

Take out the Disk Boy. Behind him is the short path to the X-Hunter room. There's nothing here for you if there's no X-Hunter, though.

You can just drop down the ladder to zoom past the Disk Boys here. There are large health pickups you can grab, too. Time for one more Pararoid type.

Pararoid R-5

Mega Man X2 screenshot - Morph Moth

These have completely different behaviour from the V-1's. R-5's don't grab you. They just fly around and try to fly into you. That's not very interesting, but whatever.

The magnets here will either pull you towards the ceiling or push you towards the ground. There are a few health items on the floor, but the platforms closer to the ceiling have fewer enemies and spikes to deal with. Head down the ladder for another corridor with magnets and enemies, then to another ladder. At the end of this next corridor is another fight with an Old Robot and Pararoid. It's exactly like the last one. Next is one more corridor with some Pararoids and a Cannon Driver, and finally the boss room.

Morph Moth

Mega Man X2 screenshot - Morph MothMega Man X2 screenshot - Morph Moth

Morph Moth starts in a cocoon and switches to his true moth form after taking enough damage. This means you'll need two different strategies to beat him.

The Hard Way

In his cocoon form, he'll spend most of his time hanging from the ceiling, swinging back and forth. He can shake lots of junk loose, sending it flying all over the place. Don't let it hit you. If he detaches from the wall, he'll go underground and start spinning around, back and forth, throwing more debris. You can't damage him here, but he can damage you, so climb the wall and avoid him. When he starts pulling debris towards himself in a spiral, move around him using wall jumps and dashes in the same direction the wave of debris is moving. You can shoot him any time he's not underground. Once he takes enough damage or absorbs enough debris (growing larger as he does this), he'll leave the screen and hatch.

Once he's in his moth form, he'll fly around the room dropping powder. This won't hit you if you're near a wall. If he stops flying, dash to the side because he's about to fire his laser at you. He's actually pretty simple in this form.

The Easy Way

The same thing, except with the Speed Burner, which does a lot of damage to him and causes a fun burning damage effect. This can also interrupt his laser attack.

Silk Shot

This weapon plops a mass of garbage down in front of X, which explodes and sends debris in four directions diagonally. Hooray. Charge it to carry a mass of debris in front of you which will explode when you let go of it and sent out even more debris.

What's Next?

Nothing, really. No new areas are accessible with anything you found in this stage. Let's just move on. Only two Mavericks left.

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